Omar M. Campbell: 700 vote needed


— Candidates for the Nov. 6 City Council election have given different responses to forum questions about the 700 LLC West of Steamboat proposal. One candidate is very skeptical; another hints strongly that he is in favor; one says flat-out that he is in favor. Others use timeworn platitudes such as "growth is manageable." Since moving here 46 years ago, when this was truly a small town, I have seen nothing but lip-service paid to growth control.

How we vote for the candidates and how they vote on impending West of Steamboat annexation will determine the livability of our community and Valley for the future.

We all know that most of the current city and county elected officials are tightly wired to their West of Steamboat Area Plan. They see it as an answer for affordable housing - which many of us see as a social engineering treadmill.

Then, there is the fixation of elected officials everywhere to promote economic growth and 'prosperity' - more jobs, tax revenue, etc., for their constituents and communities.

We have reached and exceeded an economically sustainable level. If not another person or business moved here we would do just fine, in spite of the Chamber Resort Association and its motto - "Grow or Die."

Enough is never enough for them.

A city staff person, speaking of plans for sewage system expansion, said the anticipated population of our town is estimated at 48,000 by the year 2018 - less than 11 years away! That is more than 5 times the current guesstimate of the town's population. Heaven help us if that is accurate. Just imagine the traffic/parking congestion, water rationing, crime and welfare rates, complete loss of our 'small town flavor' etc., etc. Will that be good for the tourist industry? Promoting growth is like shooting ourselves in the feet.

I have been pushing for a public vote on the 700 LLC speculation. Not one word of response from our elected officials. I have hinted to the Community Alliance that there is enough of us members to get 1,900-plus signatures on a petition to force a ballot initiative. No positive response there either.

We do need a plebiscite on this issue. It sets the mold for our future. Do we want more rampant growth spoiling the livability of our valley; or do we cave in to materialistic instincts? I have a queasy feeling that it could be the latter. But at least a vote would be a measure of what the majority of the people, not just the elected officials, wants and plans for.

On the fallibility of plans - a Scottish poet wrote in 1785 that the best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray. This West of Steamboat Plan is now something over 10 years old. It is obsolete, considering the growth that has happened since and the traffic and other problems that are a direct result of that growth.

Borrowing a slogan from Nancy Reagan: "Just say no" to the 700 LLC speculation.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs


Vince arroyo 9 years, 6 months ago

yes a vote is needed . Yes tightly wire to which WSSAP plan the original 1998 or to the recently updated 2006 (fiscal impact section shorted from 5 pages to 2.5 ? ,affordable housing section was 33% in 1998. now its at 20% can you say profit margin Yes even if HWY 40 is made into four lanes to Steamboat II its just going to be a bottle neck out there instead of 13th street. Yes annexation 101 at the city council 10/09/07 meeting did spell out alot of pro & cons , 1041, The problems with the (IGA) Internal governmental Agreement. WASSUP with that? we could go on here. Also the postponement of the 700llc plan to the city until after the election???


Thinksnow 9 years, 6 months ago

So Omar, you want "growth control" but you don't want "social engineering" through affordable housing. That sounds like being in favor of big government before you're against big government. You don't want another business or person to move here but what about families growing? Maybe you'd like all of us to grow old and die together and then Steamboat Springs can become a ghost town or return to Native Americans? If we don't need new businesses here (free market) then we'll should keep riding this slippery slope and actually start closing existing businesses now. Entrepreneurs be damned. Private enterprise is over rated. Research smeeeserch. Technology smology. Freedom cheetom. You don't like CANDIDATES having different opinions on an issue but you like voting in general; maybe the city can have an Omar Primary for candidate approval before they can get on the ballot? That should solve the dilemma of having candidates give "different responses to forum questions." Unity of Nation and Party! No deviation required. None of these candidates or your buddies in Community Alliance listen to you, and "elected officials" aren't a measure of the public so you want a vote by the "majority of the people." Haven't the people and elected officials been voting and thinking about growth and development for more than 10 years? Wouldn't planning growth (WSSAP) be better than denying growth (commuters galore from Oak Creek, Craig, Hayden, etc).
I think fear is powerful and addictive so if we do have a plebiscite on the issue and it passes I'll ease your pain by helping you find another theme for your sky-is-falling fan club.


skiday11 9 years, 6 months ago

Thinksnow: You obviously are a true local and possess great love for our community and its unique character. It seems you are also careful and enthusiastic about the preservation of the most beautiful lands on this planet that surround our community.

Hey, I'm an entrepreneur and have lived in Steamboat my entire life (if fact, my grandparents did too) and....... the place means enough to me , that I'm willing to move away and start my business on the flat fields of front range, where there is already un-stoppable development. Many of us love the land and community so much, but then again, the same people are willing to completely destroy it in order to sleep on it.

I don't understand why people refuse to realize that only way to sustain our community and preserve the great land that we love and that is so special, is to make PERSONAL SACRIFICE and resist the need to make their dirty nests in it. I would much rather sleep and work in a more polluted, ugly environment and be able the fully enjoy the great lands that I love when I visit. I refuse to contribute to the destruction of it, even if it means that I have to live and work in a less desirable atmosphere.

Just because I can afford to live in the pure bliss of the Yampa valley, doesn't mean that I must or should.

Also, I wouldn't mind if the land was returned to the Native Americans, they had a great selfless respect for the land. We have only a selfish one.

Nobody wants to make sacrifices; it's against our human nature. Unfortunately, our unwillingness will be the end of us and everything that meant anything to us in the first place.


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