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Tips for bus drivers

— Easy answer to this one, TIP JARS!!! i think a large percentage of people would drop a dollar in the jar for a free (Steamboat Springs Transit) ride, making the job quite attractive. Let the considerate help support this job, of their own accord.

- clevedave

Sell bus passes

You could also purchase a bus pass and just show it without having to dig for change. : My kids always had a pass and rode the bus everywhere. My oldest daughter rode it to school when she had a 7 a.m. class ... If you have ever ridden the bus at the peak of ski season you know that it keeps a lot of people off of the main roads. It is a great service.

- dreamriver23

Fair bus fare

When the bus service first started, there was a fare. Why not charge 25 cents : I know people will say it will be a pain to collect the money. It worked years ago. It works in other cities. Just a thought.

- oneski


STEMBOATwannabe 9 years, 5 months ago

How about a donation box whre in other communites and bus services they collect fares.... there could be a suggested donation.

By not formally charging a fare the bus system may be able to also qualify for grants etc... That it currently is operating on. This would work much like museums that do not charge an entrance fee, but do request a donation.

If you call it a tip..then the bus driver should be able to keep that for himself.. not go towards defraying the cost of transportation.

What ever is done, needs to be implemented ASAP !!!


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