Bob and Audrey Enever: Secret sessions OK


— There has been much criticism recently of the City Council for excessive executive sessions, and we think this is largely unjustified. Unfortunately, it has been picked up as a verified truth by more than one candidate for City Council.

When we wrote the original contract to sell Fish Creek Mobile Home Park to the Housing Authority, we included the words, "The parties agree to keep confidential and not disclose in any manner" the essentials of the transaction. We made this condition because we did not want to cause more concern than necessary to the tenants in the park, who are on month-to-month tenancies, and their nervousness is understandable. Also, in the event the deal did not close we did not want other potential buyers to know the price at which we were willing to sell to the Housing Authority.

We know that this requirement was very arduous to the city because it required several executive sessions with the Housing Authority. There were other executive sessions at which the council had to decide on negotiations with us on price and who was to pay for the railroad crossing, and with the Housing Authority over very detailed conditions on the city's loan. The contract was written on April 6 and confidentiality was maintained until we had time to properly inform our tenants and then release the information. The price was not released until a few days before the closing. This confidentiality could not have been achieved without many executive sessions. Executive sessions serve the public's purpose.

Bob and Audrey Enever

Steamboat Springs


RoxyDad 9 years, 6 months ago

Secret Sessions are OK if handled in a ethical manner.

I think Council has done so in a ethical manner so far. We are benefiting from their decisions.


forthepowder 9 years, 6 months ago

Once the property was under contract and off the market the City should have disclosed what they were trying to do. There is a due diligence period in almost every real esate contract and that period is for the buyer to decide how feasible the purchase is. The council should have invovled the community is deciding its feasibility. What type of uproar would have happened if the had chosen to buy Rabbit ears motel, would everybody be giddy then?


stmbtisoutofcontrol 9 years, 6 months ago

The City Council has spent way too much time talking in secret sessions. What are they talking about? I bet their attorney loves the extra fees.


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