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City Council at-large seat

City Council at-large seat

Dave McClure

Age: 53

Occupation: Retired University of Tennessee librarian

Political experience: None

On the issues

Transportation: "I consider traffic a nonissue. : I would encourage public transportation and, as a matter of fact, use it myself." Believes other solutions, such as a bypass, are too extravagant. "It's just not feasible. We're going to have to live with it and people are going to have to decide for themselves how to get around it. There are much more important issues."

Historic preservation: "I'm a firm believer that, if it's your private property, you can do whatever you want with it. I would hope you would preserve it, but that's your call."

Cari Hermacinski

Age: 37

Occupation: Lawyer

Political experience: Four years on Steamboat Springs Planning Commission

On the issues

Transportation: "I don't think the bypass is the solution." Believes traffic should be addressed with "a lot of little solutions," such as being more bike-friendly, constructing roundabouts and exploring the possibility of a passenger train from Craig to Steamboat.

Historic preservation: "I believe a moratorium should only be enacted when something is going to affect the health, safety or welfare of the community. : Property rights are hallowed ground, especially when you're talking about homes. : At this point, on privately owned structures, I wouldn't want to make it mandatory unless the community is willing to pay for it."

Towny Anderson

Age: 56

Occupation: Community development consultant

Political experience: Two years on Steamboat Springs City Council, served in local government in Vermont

On the issues

Transportation: "The citizens of Steamboat have made very clear that a bypass is unacceptable. We have to make serious commitment to public transit. : At the same time, we have a couple opportunities to establish redundancy, meaning alternate ways through downtown."

Historic preservation: "It is a legitimate goal of government to preserve the resources of the community for the greater community good. I understand that some folks don't agree with that. The role of government is to provide incentives to property owners of structures deemed significant."

— Of the five City Council seats up for election this fall, the race for the at-large seat is the only one to draw more than two candidates. The at-large seat is a two-year seat, as opposed to the other six council seats, which carry four-year terms. Candidates for the at-large seat may reside anywhere in the city, while other candidates must live in the districts they want to represent.

The at-large race presents three candidates with varying degrees of political experience. Towny Anderson is running as an incumbent City Council member, Cari Hermacinski is a Steamboat Springs planning commissioner, and retired librarian, Dave McClure is a newcomer to politics. McClure conceded that might be a disadvantage.

"It's a disadvantage because I'm not part of the network that has developed over the years, so I'm an outsider in that way," McClure said.

McClure said he would make up for the inexperience with commitment. Being retired, McClure said he has plenty of time to devote to the issues and to listening to the concerns of constituents. As a councilman, McClure said the door to his woodshop would always be open to anyone who wanted to come in and talk over coffee or a beer.

"I'm always available," McClure said.

One of McClure's focuses would be education. He said Steamboat schools need to expand their curriculum, particularly to include vocational education for students not meant to go to college. McClure said he also would like to see Steamboat establish a living wage law.

Hermacinski said her educational background in law, business and social work as well as her perspective as a business owner and her long-term commitment to Steamboat Springs make her the best candidate. She has concerns with the way council is currently run. For example, Hermacinski said she thinks council operates too often in executive, or secret, session.

"I think government should be open and accessible, especially at a time when we're experiencing so much change," she said.

Anderson, the incumbent, said he made a promise when running in 2005 to set a different course for the council, putting community interests ahead of development interests. While he believes the course has been changed, Anderson said he is running again in hopes of firmly establishing it.

"What's motivating me is I'm contributing to a change that the community has asked for and that for some people can't happen soon enough," Anderson said.

Anderson believes continuing growth, especially on the west side of Steamboat, will be the most important issue facing the next City Council.

"The growth that we're experiencing is manageable, but it takes political will," Anderson said.

The candidates gave differing reasons for why they are running for an at-large seat as opposed to one of council's four-year seats. Anderson said his wife asked that he run only for a two-year seat, and he is honoring her request. He also said he has no interest in running against City Council President Susan Dellinger in District 1, which would have been his option. Hermacinski said that having two young children and a business made the smaller time commitment a better decision for her.

McClure said he wants to represent the whole city as opposed to one district. He also said he "just wants to get things started," which he believes he can accomplish in two years.


steamvent 9 years, 6 months ago

Many in this town are fed up with the direction the Towny coalition has taken ... Can't convince the voters to accept your plan for for affordable housing? Just go out and buy a motel in secret sessions, pay well over a million more than market value by buying out a developer's contract, answer to no one for these and future costs of this boondoggle, and all so city employees can live in town along the river. Doesn't do much for every other person who would like to live affordably. Towny blows in here from Vermont, wants to save us all from ourselves and takes credit for everything he thinks is a success story. Beware the person who continually crows about how only he has the vision for your future.


CoJustice 9 years, 6 months ago

Wage laws sound good to me, since leadership has taken the attitude "mine is mine, and your not getting yours", I will nitpick until I can find fault.

A candidate that can take a serious review of JD's position that has caused controversy and division in the police department with regards to the Sheriffs race. To stay politically active to promote his candidate is a disgraceful and dishonorable.

Highest paid employee (I got mine) with the lease amount of financial responsibility to his employees. Traditionally JD sets percentage of standards for pay increases that are fault-finding guidelines and impossible to accomplish or obtain, which is a terrible way to measure public employees. (Oops, you service vehicle is dirty), no pay increase for you.

There is no greater obligation for us as citizens than to support our public servants and expedite the impending retirement of JD.


another_local 9 years, 6 months ago

Sounds like McClure should have run for school board. is he confused about who does what?

"Towny coalition"? I think you give him too much credit. Towny is a true independent which I respect even though I find that I disagree with him more often than not. The "coalition" we have been suffering under is centered around Ken, Susan, Steve and Karen. That is not to say that Towny does not vote with them often, but I do not think he is calling the tune.


WZ4EVER 9 years, 6 months ago

Remember Towny's attack ad when he ran two years ago..."the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome"

If you enjoyed Council's approvals of all the development permits in the last couple of years, vote for Towny. I like Towny, but he is a better voice from the outside than on Council.


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