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Get involved

— Where have all you people been? The West Steamboat Springs Area plan has been developed with open houses, public input, review, discussion, more public input all over the last decade! That entire time, there has been a combined city/county committee, the Area Plan Coordinating Committee, in place specifically for the implementation of the plan. Both planning commissions, the Board of County Commissioners and the City Councils have worked on this plan development.

The housing demand has also been discussed, identified and addressed in at least five meetings as recently as the past two years at City Council. The specific types of housing needed, the expectation of demographic changes, how much will be needed at what time. All discussed and available for public input and review.

The bypass has also been discussed and studied. Read those studies! A bypass is built to bypass a town. The majority of traffic we experience is local people driving into town, we don't want to bypass it. We drop kids at school, at Winter Sports Club, go to Safeway, City Market. The cost of a bypass would be hundreds of millions of dollars and CDOT has said they will not participate financially.

Do you pay attention? Do you think that just blogging about a subject means you're involved? Get up from the keyboard and get to some meetings. Give some real input.

Apathy is what creates our growth, sustainability, transportation and community issues. We have got to start becoming active members of our community not just observers who complain.

- nofear

Save the trees

Trees - provide privacy, emphasize views, or screen out objectionable views. They reduce glare and reflection. They direct pedestrian traffic. They provide background and soften, complement, or enhance architecture.

Trees improve air quality. Leaves filter the air we breathe by removing dust and other particulates. Rain then washes the pollutants to the ground. Leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the air to form carbohydrates that are used in the plant's structure and function. In this process, leaves also absorb other air pollutants - such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide - and give off oxygen.

Trees are on the job 24 hours every day working for all of us to improve our environment and quality of life.

How many times have you seen pedestrians forced off a sidewalks due to too many pedestrian on it?

Save the trees, work around them and stick to 4' sidewalks.

- addlip2u

Where's the support?

This was a tremendous show, my kids thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it was disappointing to see the low audience turnout. Where are all of the "arts" supporters demanding more school district and community funding? All we've read about in the past year is how the arts are undersupported financially.

Yet if the turnout for this play, of which the high school only does twice a year, is any indication, there does not seem to be much support except to demand more funding. Again, students and Mike, a great show, I am just sad more people didn't get the chance to enjoy it.

- Bog

Thanksgiving wishes

On this day of thanks I simply want to say thanks to all of you whom I banter with throughout the year. I hope that everyone enjoys this day.

- dundalk

Bring it on

I am counting on the Steamboat 700 to create a glut of homes so prices quit rising so fast. Then maybe I can afford to buy a home around here. Too bad that I won't be able to get to downtown in a reasonable period of time!! They need to make Highway 40 two lanes each direction that is a better use of our $$$ than a bypass.

- canudigit


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