Mike Brumbaugh: Thanks for 'Harvey'


I wanted to take a moment and thank the dedicated and interested community and school folks who helped make this past weekend's Steamboat Springs High School fall theater production of "Harvey" a resounding success.

Thanks to Karen Campbell and Denise Pearson for being wonderful PR people and for keeping the goodies coming for both cast and crew; Pascal Ginesta for helping to build a fantastic set; Rusty de Lucia for being another set of eyes and ears to help keep the actors true to their characters, and for being the comic relief when we needed it; Irene Nelson and Joanne Churchill for helping our sets look believable and beautiful; Margaret Hair and the Steamboat Pilot & Today for being willing to help advertise local theater productions; all the other folks who had a smaller, but no less important role in the show's success; and, finally, to the students themselves, who allowed me in the space of four short weeks to suggest, beg and demand that they portray their characters humorously, realistically and entertainingly to the audience.

For those of you that weren't able to see the show, you missed some of the most talented younger actors and theater "techies" we have in this town. And, without the help of the administration, parents and other teachers, these young people wouldn't have had the opportunity to develop more self esteem, confidence and friendship with their fellow students. Even though there were a few concerns raised to the school administration over the 4 Points picture of the student playing the main character holding an alcohol bottle (a necessity for the plot of the play), I can assure you that the students involved in this production came away from it with more pride in themselves, more basic life skills in working as a team and a more positive outlook in life.

Research has shown that communities that support the performing arts are communities interested in economic growth and healthy emotional and spiritual lives for their citizens. Thank you, Steamboat, for once again showing your love for your young people and your love of this community.

Mike Brumbaugh

Steamboat Springs


Bog 9 years, 4 months ago

This was a tremendous show, my kids thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it was disappointing to see the low audience turnout. Where are all of the "arts" supporters demanding more school district and community funding? All we've read about in the past year is how the arts are undersupported financially.

Yet if the turnout for this play, of which the high school only does twice a year, is any indication, there does not seem to be much support except to demand more funding. Again, students and Mike, a great show, I am just sad more people didn't get the chance to enjoy it.


Brian Watterson 9 years, 4 months ago

A wonderful event ! Keep these up ! They deserve our support.

As for those few that had "concerns" about the 4 point picture. Keep it in the context of an old play, and get a life. Can't we have fun without a few duds searching for a negative ?


Matthew Stoddard 9 years, 4 months ago

I was bummed. The only night my wife and I could make it, we ended up feeling like crap. We really wanted to see how Sean Hill did, since he lives next door to us. Congrats once again to Mike and a great show, from what eveyone has been telling me!


Michael Brumbaugh 9 years, 4 months ago

To Matt, Sean did an outstanding job as Elwood P. Dowd (the James Stewart character in the movie)! All of the students did quite amazing, given the fact we only had four weeks and the fact that most of them were Freshmen or Sophomores.

And to the other posters, you're right in saying it would have been nice to have had larger crowds. The reality is, though, that I believe excellent theatre programs need to be developed in any given community. I think we're seeing the beginnings of that.

I was actually very pleased to see that the number of people grew each night the show played. The Saturday night crowd was around 170 people, I think. That showed, perhaps, that the word had gotten out that it was a good show.

I didn't do it this time, but perhaps I should have suggested to Margaret Hair that someone review the play Thursday night, and then try to get the review into the paper on Friday. But, I do hate to pester people, and was hoping the paper would have done that on their own. They did do a nice spread about the show in the Four Points, but a positive review can go a long way (if there is one) to getting butts in seats.

Anyway, thanks for being enthusiastic about what we're trying to do here for theatre arts.


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