CD reviews for LCD Soundsystem, Phosphorescent and The Hives


LCD Soundsystem

— "45:33"

LCD Soundsystem records aren't for people who don't have much patience.

That's especially true of "45:33," a slow-building, mostly instrumental effort that rises and falls in electronic waves. It's a re-release of a one-tracker from 2006, and breaks a bit with leadman James Murphy's recent concentration on his songwriting.

Rating: '''



Sonically, Phosphorescent doesn't offer much concrete. On "Pride," unison vocals float over acoustic guitars, and the whole thing has the feeling of having been recorded in a very cold, very empty room.

But lyrically - well, lyrically, Phosphorescent's Matt Houck is one of the best there is in his one-name independent world. He's so simply metaphorical, builds his stories about being scared and alone so well, that his discordantly folksy music fits perfectly.

Rating: ''''

The Hives

"The Black and White Album"

Swedish post-punk band The Hives had some success a couple of years ago, when they were lumped in with the retro garage rock wave that also caught The Strokes.

On "The Black and White Album," the group has put together 14 tracks, all of them a little bit manic, and all of them great dance rock songs.

"You Got It All : Wrong" takes an easy punk structure, slows it down some to catch arena rock and throws in a touch of Bowie flare. That song sums up the record as a whole, with The Hives finally nailing a throwback rock album by putting their own energy behind it.

Rating: ''''


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