Stephen M. Aigner and Sue Carter: Concerned for future


We formed the Concerned Citizens for the Future of Steamboat Springs because we love Steamboat Springs and we love living here with our neighbors. Thus, we are very concerned about the future of Steamboat Springs. These beliefs guide us:

- Open, free elections depend upon voters making well-informed decisions.

- To do that, Steamboat's voters need solid, accurate information.

- Without open and honest community conversations, the future of Steamboat Springs is even more at risk.

- We must be able to speak about differences without divisiveness, without saying those who differ with us are "low in integrity."

- We know citizens here who are afraid to speak their minds. For Steamboat Springs to survive and thrive, people must communicate without fear.

- It is fair to cite the public words and public actions of candidates running for public office. False or reckless statements relating to candidates are wrong. Our ads referred to facts.

Further, we believe this election was about critical issues such as:

- How Steamboat grows without losing its identity and its character

- Housing workers and their families

- Celebrating accomplishments and fulfilled promises on community-wide priorities

- Continuing the hard work to preserve Steamboat's character and identity

- Engaging citizens in shaping the substance of future policies like the watershed protection ordinance and enhancing our shared history and heritage.

Stephen M. Aigner and Sue Carter

Concerned Citizens for the Future of Steamboat Springs


steamboatsprings 9 years, 4 months ago

It is interesting that someone so concerned about open and honest communications would hide behind a secret organization to buy ads in the paper and only come out once the pressure built to identify yourselves. The is the same sort of under the table dealing that cost the 3 previous council members their seats. It is unfortunate that so many from that group / line of thinking feel that they know what is best for everyone and feel that it is their duty to further their agenda any way possible because the rest of the citizens are not qualified to evaluate the choices before them. I guess that you didn't get the wakeup call.

Steamboat is a great place filled with insightful and intelligent people more than qualified to make good decisions based on all of the facts. In case you didn't know they also have the right to know.


thefarmer 9 years, 4 months ago

Again, a lot of words that sound so good and yet have so little meaning.


bubba 9 years, 4 months ago

My favorite is: "We must be able to speak about differences without divisiveness, without saying those who differ with us are "low in integrity.""

Wasn't it this group's adds who carried the 'those guys are in the developer's pockets' add campaign, while the challengers focused on how the council has run it's business?


Steve Lewis 9 years, 4 months ago

Actually Bubba, no that ad was not ours. Our main intent was to dispute what we felt were innacurrate campaign claims. Steve served on a board and felt Cari was wrong in her statements about that board. I served with Cari on planning commission and disagreed with statements she made about mandating developer accountability. We also disputed arguments against the Iron Horse purchase with information to support it. Yes all in support of the incumbents. The day after my first ad, a Pilot reporter said people wanted to know who we were, and I responded with my name. "Secret organization", "hiding", "public pressure" are criticisms I diagree with. I put my name on it. "Bubba", "Steamboat Springs" - who are you?

-Steve Lewis


bubba 9 years, 4 months ago

OK, if I mis-quoted, I apologize. I guess I just made the assumption that since the ads about Cari's record came shortly on the heels of Towny's assertion that the challengers were all in the developers pockets that you were trying to provide evidence of that. I don't necessarily believe that that was an accident, but the election is over, so no need to discuss it further, except to say that I did see your retraction of the inaccuracy in one of your ads.

I won't get started on the Ironhorse rent-to-own again.

And I applaud you for signing your name: many people know me by bubba. If it bothers you that I don't sign my full name, I can stop responding to your posts if it makes you feel better.


Sheryl Pierson 9 years, 4 months ago

Helloooooo. The elections are over. Remember, everyone has a brain (albeit, functioning at different levels) and everyone gets one vote (a secret vote). So if people want to spend their hard-earned money on ads because they believe in something, so be it! It is possible that they may know more about an issue than the average Joe. Regardless, we all get to use our brains to discern fact from BS and then we have the privilege of casting one vote. So my point is.....Y'all need to put your energy into positive actions rather than insulting each other over past events.......Get a life (a mature, adult life)!


Ilike2dv8 9 years, 4 months ago

Steve, Lewi & Sue,

That is rich... you supported those who wished to divide this community in the hopes they would get elected. NOW you want the community to come together. Trust me the community already has come together and removed the largest obsticals from office. It will be a long time before I would trust anything that any one of you would have to say. I can only hope the new council will continue to make positive changes including a new planning commission. Who and how several of the last members were appointed (including the Chair and Vice Chair) was a sham. Those people need to go in order to bring any sort of balance to the PC. Is anyone who is hoping to build anything from a garage to a ice cream stand expected to get a fair shake from Engelken, Lewis, Levy or Curtis? That will be a little tough to sell after the bullseye was placed on the majority of voters heads. You don't understand Steamboat at all. It is located in the USA not the former USSR and although we operate with a sales tax based economy we don't all believe in stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Many of us believe in making our own way, saving what we earn and helping those in need. Please go wave your comraderie flag somewhere else, I doubt very much it will work here anymore.


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