City Council faces light Election Day agenda


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What: Steamboat Springs City Council Meeting

When: 5 p.m. today

Where: Centennial Hall, 124 10th St.

Call: City offices at 870-2060 for more information


5 p.m. City Council reports; agenda review; staff reports; a resolution authorizing the council president to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the state transportation department; a resolution supporting the Colorado Forest Management Improvement Act of 2007; first reading of an ordinance approving a contract to buy and sell real estate between the city and William J. Holiday, Jr., Trust; Planning Commission referrals

7 p.m. (or the end of the meeting, whichever comes first) Public comment

— Little drama is expected at tonight's final meeting of the current Steamboat Springs City Council.

"From what I've gathered, nothing on the agenda is that big of a deal," Councilwoman Karen Post said.

Post, City Council President Susan Dellinger and Councilman Towny Anderson are running for re-election, and Post said she will anxiously await the end of the council meeting so she can hunker down for election results at Tequilas restaurant, where the three council incumbents plan to rent space and set up campaign headquarters.

With the exception of a couple of Planning Commission referrals, all action items on tonight's agenda were placed on the consent calendar. Although any council member may request an item be removed for further discussion, consent calendar items generally require no deliberation and can be approved with a single motion.

In its consideration of Planning Commission referrals, City Council will review a final development plan for 655 Yampa St., a riverfront mixed-use development with three commercial spaces and six residential units.

The proposal includes a public plaza, access to the river and public restrooms. The development's design includes green building techniques. It received unanimous and enthusiastic approval from the Planning Commission last month.

One of the consent calendar items is a resolution to support the Colorado Forest Management Improvement Act

of 2007, a piece of federal legislation moving through Congress. Public Works Director Jim Weber said the legislation would help battle the state's bark beetle infestation, which he said has caused visual and safety issues even within city limits.

"It's just basically identifying that the bark beetles are creating issues, and we need to move forward with addressing them," Weber said. "Bark beetles don't follow any boundaries. We've had significant tree hits within city limits."

Council also will consider the first reading of an ordinance to buy a 20 percent interest in a 17-acre parcel near Spring Creek Park for $50,000. The city already owns the remaining 80 percent interest. City Attorney Tony Lettunich said the deal would close in December.

Post said tonight's agenda was kept light not only for Election Day, but also because council members will be convening Thursday as the Steamboat Springs Liquor License Authority for a show-cause hearing expected to last all day. The quasi-judicial case will determine the fate of Jade Summit's Pirate's Pub liquor license.

Jade Summit owner Kevin Nerney was called before the council because of accusations he violated the state's liquor codes of conduct. Nerney was found not guilty by a jury of his peers in August on a misdemeanor charge of unlawful sexual contact. Despite the not guilty verdict, city officials decided to proceed with an administrative hearing that could strip Nerney's restaurant of its liquor license.

Council heard four hours of testimony presented by a city prosecutor last month. Defense testimony will be heard Thursday, and Post said the council is bound to come to a resolution before the newly elected council is sworn in next week.

"The council sits until that following Tuesday, that's why we needed to get it complete this week."


yampagov 9 years, 5 months ago

Goodbye Ken Brenner. Your time on the City Council has not been without its controversies. During your tenure, we have seen you take advantage of various "perks" from your fellow business associates. We have seen you overreach into the County to implement water quality legislation that was already covered by Federal and State regulations. We have seen you steer a City Council into a series of unnecessary conflicts with Routt County. We do not know what other conflicts you have stirred-up in all of your secret Council sessions, but I am sure they were worthy. Let us hope that the new City Council learns from its past mistakes.


stmbtisoutofcontrol 9 years, 5 months ago

Do not forget how Ken has turned his back on the hot springs community....the loss of the rec center vote only exacerbates the need for the City Council to get back to the basics...


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