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Candidates care

— What I see is a list of people who are passionate and care for this community. We all need to remember that Wednesday morning after all the votes are counted, regardless of who wins there is no perfect candidate and we still get to call each other friends and neighbors.

- nightbird

Tough case

If Wall never had to submit to any alcohol related test, there is no way to prove beyond a reasonable doubt whether he was intoxicated or not. If charges were pursued, this would get thrown out due to procedure not being followed and no proof of BAC.

- kielbasa

Wait on Wall

Innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent. I'll wait and see.

- colobob

New friends

People are always coming and going here. Sometimes, they come back. One of the first people I met in Steamboat was very welcoming. After a few months, I asked that person why he was so welcoming to new residents; He replied: "Friends are always moving away, so its very important to make new friends!"

- localthinker

Something special

We really do have something special, and people have different opinions of the path to protecting this caring community and friendships we share.

- lovemysteamboat

'No' on rec

I wonder if people voting on this issue realize that they already face a significant increase in property tax due to the combination of a big raise in assessed value this year and the freeze in in the school mill levy. A new tax burden for a rec center will not help affordable housing or the cost of living.

- ziggy

'Yes' on rec

Do you want to live in a soul-less resort town or a world class location for healthy living, neighborly interactions, and raising a family? If you want the later, please vote yes!

- skibro


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