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City Council candidates make second finance filing


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Monetary contributions from Oct. 12 through Oct. 28 for candidates and ballot issues in the Nov. 6 election


- Towny Anderson: Scott Ford, $50; Rebecca Lamb, $100; Gael Fetcher, $50; Rachel Richards, $100; James Moylan, $500; Darcy Trask, $20; Arianthe Stettner, $100; Constance Drayton, $150; Mark Darlington and Sarah Claassen, $25; Will Bashan, $250; William Dunkak, $25; Lyman Orton, $1,000; John Whittum, $50; Rodger and Leslie Steen, $100; Christy Elwell, $500; Audrey Mandell, $100; William Roper, $100; Albert Reiner, $20; John Beaupre, $200; Millie and Gardner Flanigan, $100; Ron Smith, $50; Frankie and Heidi Hannah, $50; Judy Tremaine, $25; Scott Ford, $100; Wendy Kowynia, $30; Robert Dick and Kathryn Crawford, $500; Walter and Lynne Drogosz, $100; Jim Steinberg, $100; Michael Roberts, $100; Bill and Sue Leeson, $100; Robert and Audrey Enever, $500; Lynn Abbott, $50; Deborah Gooding, $50; Dan and Maureen Smilkstein, $100; Steven and Adrienne Southworth, $100; Dean Massey, $50; Stu Roberts, $250; Kelly Landers, $50; Ann Kruuse, $100; Total - $7,945

- Cari Hermacinski: Steven Dawes, $100; Alecia Alexander, $100; Edith and Joseph Fogliano, $100; Scott Borden, $500; Cedar Beauregard, $100; Harold and Laura Stout, $250; Peter Smith, $250; Timothy McCarthy, $500; Chris and Jennifer Paoli, $500; Susan Dessen, $25; Maryann Wall, $50; Robert Maddox, $100; Mary Brown, $250; Wendy and Jon Wade, $250; Garrett and Melanie Simon, $75; Charles Porter, $50; Jane and Andrew Blackstone, $50; Victor Serafy, $50; Timothy Borden, $500; Mark McElhinney, $50; Robert Kuusinen, $100; Marie and Mark Matthews, $75; Michael and Colleen DeJong, $100; Pamela Vanatta, $200; Jane McLeod, $50; Harold Divine, $75; David and Marie Jensen, $200; Rod Hanna, $100; Total - $4,750

District 1

- Susan Dellinger: Chuck Lusky, $100; Joe Brennen, $100; Jim Moylan, $250; Total - $450

- Scott Myller: Gary and Jeanette Robinson, $200; Janet Williams, $99; Eric Meyer, $250; Thomas Perkins, $250; Sandy and Jon Peddie, $100; Mark and Marie Matthews, $75; Jeff and Tammy Lake, $100; Charles Porter, $50; Rod and Vicky Hanna, $100; David Sladek, $200; Total - $1,424

District 2

- Paul Hughes: Twyman Hill, $500; Bud Rogers, $25; Robert and Cynthia Maddox, $100; James Chappell, $25; James and Stacy Swiggart, $250; James Simon, $100; Jean and Edward Coen, $50; John and Mary Kay Ferguson, $100; Total - $1,150

- Meg Bentley: Peggy Berglund, $200; Bill Page, $200; Bob and Melrose Kuusinen, $100; Bill Schurman, $25; MariAn Winstanley, $50; Bob Maddox, $100; Sally Claassen, $50; Kathy Cline, $100; George Tolles, $50; Meg Bentley (loan), $1,255; Total - $2,130

District 3 (two-year)

- Vince Arroyo: Audrey Mandell, $100; Vince Arroyo, $767; Total - $867

- Walter Magill: James Rowe, $200; Chuck Dunagin, $25; Katie Armstrong, $50; Katherine Meyer, $50; Scott Borden, $300; David and Alicia Josfan, $100; Wendy Wade, $300; Vicky Hanna, $100; Dave Sladek, $200; eight contributions of $19.99 or less; Total - $1,431

District 3 (four-year)

- Jon Quinn: Howard Paster, $250; David Lambert, $500; Nancy Jacobson, $250; David Dorros, $350; William Baer, $100; Jeffrey Connaughton, $1,000; L. Mark Winston, $500; Theodore Downey, $500; Joseph Lockhart, $500; Thomas Downey, $500; Mark Touhey III, $500; William Singer, $250; Elan Blutinger, $200; Guy Smith, $100; Christopher McCannell, $100; Robert Moss, $200; Dan Tate, $250; Ruth Tate, $250; Manuel Ortiz, $500; Michael Hussey, $100; Bonnie Duffy, $50; Thomas Milch, $400; James Chappell, $50; Salli Johnroe, $50; Vicky Hanna, $100; Bruce Andrews, $50; Total - $7,600

- Karen Post: Mary Ewing, $50; Audrey Mandell, $100; Margaret Bookman, $50; Robert and Audrey Enever, $100; Jennifer Wilson, $100; Sarah Claassen, $50; Markk Fischer, $30; Mary Beth Norris, $30; James Moylan, $250; Joseph Brennan, $100; Total - $860

Referendum 1A

- Quality Roads for Routt County: Mark O'Reilly, $100; Stahl Development Company, $900; John Wittemeyer, $900; Nancy Wittemeyer, $900; Song Mountain LLC, $990; Total - $3,790

Referendums 2B and 2C

- Citizens for a Community Recreation Center: Brad Piske and Leslie Ahlmeyer, $250; Tom and Debbie Wilson, $500; Jon and Sandra Peddie, $100; Jon and Elizabeth Kosik, $200; Total - $1,050

- No 2B2C: Willard Bashan, $250; James M. Turner, $100; William Moser, $200; G.H. Romberg, $50; Curt Weiss, $300; Kimberly Johnson, $100; Healthy Solutions, $200; Paula Tissot, $50; Francis Gilbert, $200; Aames Mini-Storage, $1,000; Michael Wiesbrook, $200; Eliza Yeager, $100; Edward Durnil, $100; Richard Grant, $25; William Moser, $300; James M. Turner, $100; Daniel Elliott, $40; Hill Blackett Jr., $1,024; Total - $4,339


- Concerned Citizens for the Future of Steamboat Springs: Steve and Peggy Aigner, $200; Steve and Linda Lewis, $200; Sue Carter, $100; Cheryl A. Witt, $100; Cheryl A. Witt, $100; Elizabeth Aigner, $61; Richard and Audrey Mandell, $500; Lyman Orton, $200; Hope Cook, $25; Total - $1,486

— At-large candidate Towny Anderson is the top fundraiser among candidates for Steamboat Springs City Council, surpassing challenger Cari Hermacinski by more than $3,000 in a recent 16-day period.

Friday was the deadline for candidates in the Nov. 6 election to report a second round of campaign contributions and expenditures to Steamboat Springs City Clerk Julie Jordan. Friday's report covers financial action from Oct. 12 to 28. Anderson, an incumbent City Council member, reported $7,945 in contributions, bringing his campaign total to $12,315. Hermacinski, a member of the Steamboat Springs Planning Commission, raised $4,750 in contributions reported Friday, bringing her total to $10,100.

The reports show a boost in funding for Anderson, who trailed Hermacinski by about $1,000 in an initial reporting period that included contributions through Oct. 11.

Hermacinski reported $5,350 in that period, while Anderson raised $4,370.

Jon Quinn, who is running for the four-year District 3 seat against Councilwoman Karen Post, raised the second-largest amount in the period reported Friday. Quinn raised $7,600, for a campaign total of $12,250 - including strong support from out-of-town donors.

Of Quinn's 26 contributors, 20 hail from the Washington, D.C., area, where his father, Jack Quinn, was White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton. In the first reporting period, Quinn received nine of his 13 contributions from the Washington, D.C., area.

"I think that to some extent, I worked pretty hard to raise the funds I did, and I won't make an apology for raising more money than some other candidates," Quinn said.

"I had been offered money from people who may be considered developers and turned it down. : I made some choices which were great for me because I could get my message out without appearing I'm having to play favorites with any special interest group."

Post raised $860 in the second period, raising her fundraising total to $3,985.

Walter Magill, who is running for the two-year District 3 seat against Vince Arroyo, reported $1,431 in contributions Friday, for a total of $4,556. Arroyo raised $867 for a total of $2,459.

In the District 2 race, Meg Bentley added $2,130 to her campaign coffers to bring her total to $5,184. Bentley is running against Paul Hughes, who reported $1,150 in the second term for a total of $4,725.

City Council President Susan Dellinger again raised less money than any other City Council candidate, reporting $450 in contributions for a campaign total of $900. Dellinger's challenger for the District 1 seat, Scott Myller, nearly doubled his campaign funds with $1,424 in contributions, bringing his total to $2,940.


Citizens for a Community Recreation Center is campaigning on behalf of Referendums 2B and 2C, which, if passed, would use increased property taxes to fund a $34 million recreation center at Ski Town Fields. The committee reported $1,050 in contributions Friday.

Although committee organizer Brad Piske had said he hoped to raise $15,000 to $20,000 for the campaign, the committee's fundraising totaled $11,635 as of Friday.

A recreation center opposition committee, No 2B 2C, reported $4,339 through Oct. 28.

The Concerned Citizens for the Future of Steamboat Springs, a registered issues committee that supports incumbent City Council candidates Dellinger, Post and Anderson - and which has bought advertisements questioning the amount and source of campaign funds raised by non-incumbent candidates - reported $1,486 in contributions.

The Quality Roads for Routt County committee, which is raising funds in support of Routt County's Referendum 1A to fund road improvements and provide a permanent source of revenue for the county, reported $3,790.


ColoradoNative 9 years, 5 months ago

In the article Quinn states "I had been offered money from people who may be considered developers and turned it down. : I made some choices which were great for me because I could get my message out without appearing I'm having to play favorites with any special interest group."

What's interesting is of the 26 contributors to his campaign 20 of them are from DC. Doesn't say much for his local support now does it? I guess if he owes any favors to anyone it's his boys in DC. Too bad they can't vote in Steamboat.


lovemysteamboat 9 years, 5 months ago

So what is the chance that Towney will call Concerned Cowards, Susan, and Karen to ask them to change their ads (or offer a correction about the biggest spender) ? Any of them would get my vote if they would be honest and be accountable for their mistakes. Their campaign's represents how they managed the ordinance and in fear behind closed doors vs. openess and partnering with all of the community.


nightbird 9 years, 5 months ago

Looking at the list of campaign contributors for both Cari and Towny I do not see any obvious "special-interest". Although I do not know some of the people listed, I do know many. From my perspective there is not a "bad apple" on either list. What I see is a list of people who are passionate and care for this community. We all need to remember that Wednesday morning after all the votes are counted, regardless of who wins there is no perfect candidate and we still get to call each other friends and neighbors.


lovemysteamboat 9 years, 5 months ago

Nightbird - Great comment which made me step back a bit. We really do have something special, and people have different opinions of the path to protecting this caring community and friendships we share.


sonjamac 9 years, 5 months ago

Good to remember that we will have to work together after all is said and done on Tuesday. That is why a positive capmpaign with humor and grace is better than the negative campaigning we have seen from certain individuals. It is a shame that the paper consistently gives one line of coverage to Karen Post, however. She has run a positive, clean campaign that deserves a bit more good press. Unfortunate that Myller targets her in his ads while she has not said anything negative about him, or her opponent. I don't get it.


SangriaMama 9 years, 5 months ago

The ad campaign that ran with the theme "quality not quantity" relating to fundraising and ad-spending, suggesting that the voters should back the incumbents, and not the money backed newbie candidates just ran aground.

Reminds me of the dirty campaign run by Anderson last time where he cited that the definition of insanity would be to vote for the same person twice and expect different results. Funny how he dropped that line this time around....

How many times can these incumbents twist and turn, delivering spin instead of direction, before they step on their own shoelaces and fall flat on their face? Anderson is running out of room.....


trollunderthebridge 9 years, 5 months ago the pot calling the kettle black? Towny must have been out there hustling a buck!

Don't think there are special interests? Look at the list again and you should recognize some very "special" players there.


lovemysteamboat 9 years, 5 months ago

Troll must mean the developer named Rob Dick who has done the lovely subdivision next to the Christian Center and is now selling small develpoed parcels broken up from hundreds of acres south of town near Trout other transactions in the city and county. Funny that his name is the highest contributor to Towney's campaign but isn't considered a developer. The special interest is to keep old town prices, and their personal property values, growing faster than the market. Allows those in that position the luxury of managing other people's property for them by ordinance.


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