Denise Connelly: Article inaccuracies


There are several inaccuracies in your Friday, May 11, article and Wednesday, May 16, editorial

1. The RE-2 School District has a long-term policy in effect which addresses the appropriate measures to address drug and alcohol searches. These do not include subjecting students to random testing.

2. Contrary to your assertions, no policy discussion took place among school board members regarding the use of random Breathalyzer tests. Rather, the discussion was between the school district's attorney, superintendent and high school principal. As clarified by our attorney, the current district policy supports Breathalyzer testing only when there is reasonable suspicion (e.g., slurred speech, red eyes, uncoordinated moves, reliable report from reliable source etc.)

3. Your editorial claims the school board arrived at a consensus regarding random testing by illegally using e-mail. Our attorney has notified us that the law firm retained by the Pilot has requested all of our e-mail communication on this topic. We assure the public that no such e-mail exchange took place between school board members. The board is very well aware of the legal parameters of the Open Meetings Law. We are committed to following the letter and spirit of the law in all of our board actions.

We are especially concerned that the above inaccuracies were addressed before the editorial appeared in the paper. It is disturbing that we seem to always be playing "catch-up" in trying to clarify information to the public.

Denise Connelly, President

Board of Education


beagle 9 years, 10 months ago

If the Pilot can't keep their own biases out of their school reporting, maybe the school board needs to start a website where people can read a non-Pilot version of the news including what happens at meetings, etc. I would appreciate an alternative source of school board information.


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