News for Sunday, May 20, 2007



Real Estate Transactions for May 9 to 15

Real Estate Transactions for May 9 to 15

Alpiner Lodge under contract

Property values in downtown Steamboat Springs continue to climb

A downtown Steamboat Springs motel that sold for $2.2 million just 14 months ago went back on the market late this winter for $3.5 million and already is under contract.

Store owner aims to be social stop for fellow musicians

Walk into the First String Music store and you might catch owner Steve Boynton playing a rendition of "Dueling Banjos."

Business File for May 20

Moose Mountain ad recognized in magazine

Why replace the heads of models with those of moose? Because it's funny.

Rams' relays place

Boys come in 11th; girls, 8th

David Roberts and Johnny DeCosta know success isn't always defined by winning.

Runners enjoy sunny day for 8.4-mile uphill race in Hayden

It was a nice day for a run.

Hill's hopes see tough end at state track

Matt Hill is not one for chit-chatting after one of his races. The Steamboat Springs distance runner has only one thing on his mind - hydration.

Class notes for May 20

Four Lowell Whiteman Primary School students spent April participating in the school's pilot program, the Community Service Project. Emily Gold, Sean Kuusinen, Shelby Reed and Alex Gibbs volunteered 30 hours a week at area nonprofit organizations and/or government agencies. Emily worked for Yampatika; Sean worked with the Colorado Division of Wildlife; Shelby worked with Lowell Whiteman Primary School; and Alex paired up with Partners in Routt County. The project concluded with a public presentation about what they learned about each organization's contribution to Steamboat.

Nine close-knit Christian Heritage graduates found it necessary to one-up anyone

Christian Heritage School teacher Mary Ann Cutter was surprised to learn the 2007 graduates of Christian Heritage were scattering around the country after high school.

Seniors take next step, graduate today

Just because Hayden High School has a small senior class of 32 graduating seniors, it does not mean they are all best friends.

Lynette Weaver: Green on hold?

What a lost opportunity. Our City Council still does not get the message. OK, so the "Green Team" didn't go through the right channels and didn't have the right timing, but the team sure made an impression/awareness on the rest of us residing in Steamboat Springs.

Murray Tucker: Financing health

My mother-in-law loves insurance agents, and they love her. They offer relief from the hassle of deductibles and coinsurance that is most appealing to an 86-year-old. But the hassle-free life is brief. Soon she hears, "We don't cover that," or "your doctor did not provide one of our diagnostic codes," aggravation and an unhealthy rise in her blood pressure follow. Can we eliminate this conundrum that constantly repeats itself?

Bill Wallace: Micromanagement

I attended the Steamboat Springs City Council meeting last Tuesday and really learned a lot. No kidding! I arrived at about 5:45 p.m. to show my support for our Green Team's recommendation to the city to create a staff position. As it turned out, our agenda item didn't come up until well after 8 p.m.

Irene Nelson: Untimely demise

Another untimely demise of a landmark ...

Denise Connelly: Article inaccuracies

There are several inaccuracies in your Friday, May 11, article and Wednesday, May 16, editorial:

Dave Shively: See and saw

There's just something cool about boating with a chainsaw.

Our View: Sustainability doesn't need a coordinator

Steamboat Springs City Manager Alan Lanning is absolutely right - now is not the time to add an $80,000 to $100,000 "sustainability coordinator" to city staff.

Tease photo

Law enforcement agencies struggle to recruit, retain officers

Like teachers, reporters, grocery store checkers, taxi cab drivers and bar tenders, law enforcement officers often struggle to live and work in the resort communities they are sworn to serve and protect.

Todd Hagenbuch: A conversation we need to have

We have the safest, most abundant food supply in the world. We also spend less of our income on food than anyone else in the world. As discussion of the 2007 Farm Bill moves forward, I hear grumblings about "farm subsidies."

Jimmy Westlake: What we don't see

I've been an astronomer for so long that it's hard to remember a time when I looked up at the night sky and was totally lost. I was about 12 years old when I had an epiphany one night while looking up at the stars.

Cell phones of 2DAY R GR8

TXT MSG is used by everyone BC it's EZ

The cell phone has become the Swiss Army knife of communication in our techno-society, and style sometimes trumps function.

Routt County Spotlight: Kyleigh DeMicco

Occupation: Administrative assistant for the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association

Looking Back for May 20

Musicians from other towns aided program

From the May 20, 1932 issue of The Steamboat Pilot

John F. Russell: Loyalty takes a back seat

If you're born in Denver, you are supposed to be a Broncos fan.

Best of the Web for May 20

Best of the Web for May 20

Conservative commentary: See, we told you so

Thanks to Lynn Abbott for her letter "For the Common Good" that appeared in the Pilot & Today on May 13. The conservative editorial series that began three Sundays ago is written to illustrate the difference in thought between conservatives and liberals. Abbott's letter is a good example of the differences we've tried to explain.

Local team's endurance race victory highlights popularity of fixed-time races

Mike Hlavacek ran into the relay station at about five after 8 a.m. May 13, giving teammate Jenna Gruben the chance for one final lap on the torrid 4.6-mile loop outside of Moab, Utah.

Emphasis on the arts

South Routt Elementary School holds Spring Art Show

The South Routt Elementary School's Spring Art Show on Thursday served as a reminder that parents think art education is an essential part of school.

Raising state standards

Changes to Colorado admissions process near

High school graduates with aspirations of enrolling in select Colorado universities and colleges will find the admission process more difficult.

Keeping old places new

House restoration highlights preservation efforts

One of the most amazing things about Mark Shillingburg's Old Town house is it never went up in flames.

Joanne Palmer: Rest for the weary

The problem with living in a Colorado ski town is that most everyone is a jock, thinks they're a jock or tries to be a jock. Women have buns of steel, bulging biceps and zero body fat. Men come shrink-wrapped in little black lyrca pants, shave their legs and are obsessed with biking uphill. People around here like to sweat, except, alas, for me. Sometimes I just like to sit down and do nothing.

The Record for May 19

Saturday, May 19