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Stop wasting money

You mean to tell me that the current city employees can't be directed by city council (if that is what the community wants) to make "green" decisions without having to waste $80,000 on a new position?!

If City Council approves this idea all hell will break loose around them. It is time each Steamboat citizen begins to shout out loud: "This is MY money you are dealing with. Stop wasting it!"

- beentheredonethat

Immigration issues

Our society is both benefiting and suffering because of the immigration problems, and real solutions need to be discussed and implemented if any of us stand a chance of peaceful co-existence. Closing the borders is definitely not the answer, because this country was built on the hard work of immigrants (legal, that is), and to think any of us are so special that we deserve a our "piece of the promise land" without sharing is about as un-American as it gets. Regardless of the ideas and solutions, though, the process should be legal and fairly managed by BOTH governments involved.

- davideiland

Let's clean house

Let's don't waste effort, time, and money going through everyones e-mails ... some of you seem to think they all wrote unacceptable e-mails somewhere in their past so let's just consider them all guilty and clean house, start all over... Problem solved at much less cost than what this board is spending.


Procedural problem?

Can you propose and pass (only 2 votes, both in favor) a resolution at a study session without advertising and not at a regularly scheduled meeting?

- Hammurabi


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