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Good job on CSAP

I am impressed with our kids' performances on the CSAP tests. I'm not sure that they are the best way to measure our schools' effectiveness, but good going to all of the teachers and students.


Newspaper harassing School Board

No question the School Board is being harassed by the newspaper. After winning the lawsuit against Oak Creek, the Pilot & Today was feeling pretty cocky and just itching to fight with the Steamboat Board. It's fun for them, but it's our money they are throwing away. I don't have a problem with the Pilot & Today going after the story, that's what they are supposed to do. They just don't need to do it with a lawsuit.

- Books

Nerve of the newspaper

This is harassment by the Pilot & Today. What nerve they have to try to get the school district to pay their $12,000 lawyer fee after they lost the case. Not to mention the money we taxpayers had to pay for the school board's lawyer. That money could be spent in my child's school instead of on the Pilot & Today's obsession. Who cares about the exact wording they used to announce the executive session? I'm sure the board will be extra careful in the future to get every nit-picky word right to satisfy the sue-happy Pilot & Today. I care a lot more about my tax dollars being wasted on lawsuits. Larsen, Stanford, and Schlict: Get out of your 'group think' bubble and get a clue. Face it, you have become the bad guys.

- Linus

Let the sun shine in

I would think a judge would lean a little more toward the sunshine law, not help a political entity hide behind closed doors. You gotta love (Denise) Connelly stating the paper was bordering on harassment, welcome to life in politics where you are expected to do what you were elected for and do it in public.


Breathalyzer is right call

It's sad that it would come to having to test kids, but underage drinking is no joke and can lead to more health problems later in life, including alcoholism. I can remember not that far back my prom. I didn't drink a drop of alcohol, and neither did my friends. We had a blast! Honestly the only kids in my school that drank at prom were mostly the losers trying to look cool. They weren't cool then, and they still aren't cool now.

- Corduroy

Old dispute settled

Regarding "City agrees to $30,000 payment from Mt. Werner Water:" About time. I'm glad some adults finally got to talking instead of the children on both sides who kept this feud alive for so many years. Looks like (Ken) Brenner is the only one still pouting.

- Gadfly


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