River study would examine fishing holes, kayak spots



Kayakers tackle the Yampa River at Charlie's Hole in front of the Bud Werner Memorial Library.

Kayakers tackle the Yampa River at Charlie's Hole in front of the Bud Werner Memorial Library.


Talon Oleszczuk and Erica Gale hold hands while checking out the quickly moving waters of the Yampa River near the "C" Hole Monday afternoon. The city is seeking a consultant to examine man-made features, such as kayak parks and fishing spots, along the river to determine if any features are causing erosion or endangering river health.

— City officials are seeking a consultant to ensure that manmade structures such as kayak parks and fishing spots are not eroding the Yampa River's health.

Craig Robinson, open space supervisor for the city's Parks, Open Space and Recreational Services Department, said Monday that such a consultant is needed because the river in and around Steamboat Springs contains many structures - most often, boulders placed in the river to alter flows - that have not been looked at for years.

"Various groups have done improvements, and technology has changed over time," Robinson said. "A lot of these improvements were done a long time ago."

As run-off season peaks in coming weeks, the Charlie's Hole and D-Hole kayaking features will again become crowded with boaters. But Robinson said those two locations, near or slightly downstream from Bud Werner Memorial Library, are relatively new features that are not the primary cause of concern. The impacts of older structures, such as fishing spots along River Road near Emerald Park, are more unknown, Robinson said. Erosion, impacts to riparian habitats and flow rates that could affect trout and other fish will be the focus of the study, he added.

"Health of the river is the number-one priority, and recreation is a secondary aspect that we're hoping to get along with that," Robinson said. "What we're looking for is a master plan for the river."

The potential installation of new features on the river also likely will be part of the study. Robinson said that while a cost or timetable has not yet been set, the city hopes to receive all applications by May 21.


another_local 9 years ago

Great, more consultants. How about we save the money? Skip it.


53native 9 years ago

What happened to the River Mnmgt Plan completed 3-4 years ago under direction of the Trails & River Committee? Didn't it designate potential areas for future improvements and require annual monitoring of river health through a variety of measurements and sampling? Come to think of it, what happened to the T&R Committee?


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