Intrawest announces combo pass

Steamboat, Copper and Winter Park for $999



This group of kids gets their ski instuctor ready for a fresh powder run. The ski resort received 8 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours. The ski area also announced a package deal for next season with Copper and Winter Park ski resorts.

— Steamboat Ski Area season-pass holders will be able to add unlimited access to Copper Mountain and Winter Park for about $60 more next season.

Intrawest Colorado announced Thursday the creation of the "Rocky Mountain Ultimate Pass" available through Aug. 15 for $999. It gives the holder the freedom to ski all three mountains as often as they choose for a price that is $64 more than the early season price for an adult season pass at Steamboat in the 2006-07 season.

That translates into the steep bump runs of Mary Jane, Winter Park's Parsenn Bowl, the above-timberline terrain at Copper and Steamboat's tree skiing for one price.

Steamboat loyalists would still be able to purchase an individual Steamboat season pass for $949. Season passes and the Rocky Mountain Ultimate Pass go on sale April 5 and remain available at those prices through Aug. 15.

An individual season pass at Copper or Winter Park is $349, less than half the price of a Steamboat season pass. And, Intrawest offers the Rocky Mountain Super Pass, providing unlimited skiing at Copper and Winter Park for $379.

Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. Vice President of Marketing Andy Wirth reiterated the company's position that bargain pass prices don't make economic sense in Steamboat because, unlike Copper and Winter Park, Steamboat cannot hope to attract day-skiers, negating any competitive advantage against other resorts.

There's additional enticement for Steamboat families to take advantage of the new pass option - for each ultimate pass purchased, they'll receive a child's (12 and younger) pass at no additional charge.

"That's a pretty powerful component," Wirth said.

Gary Ro dgers, senior vice president of Intrawest Colorado, observed that Copper, Steamboat and Winter Park all have "their own unique style and flavor." The ultimate pass is designed to allow the company's customers to sample all three mountains, he said.

Intrawest Colorado also is seeking to leverage the acquisition of Steamboat on March 1 with a new season pass product designed to appeal to the competitive market on Colorado's Front Range.

The Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus would give skiers and snowboarders unlimited access to Winter Park and Copper Mountain plus six days to use at any time during the season at Steamboat. The Super Pass Plus also offers unlimited skiing or riding at Steamboat every Friday afternoon after 12:30 p.m.

Prices for the Super Pass Plus are: $479 adult, $359 teen, $229 children and adults age 70 and older.

Wirth said the allure of the free Friday afternoon skiing among Front Range skiers planning a long weekend in Steamboat should not be underestimated. The offer has been tested at Steamboat and is perceived as a bonus that stretches a weekend here, he said.

Wirth said he's optimistic the ultimate pass and the super pass plus will help Intrawest Colorado gain market share along the northern portion of the Front Range, in particular. Skiers and snowboarders in cities from Laramie, Wyo., to Fort Collins and the northern suburbs of Boulder are a distinct subset from the Denver metro area, he said.

"We have a strong penetration in those markets," Wirth said.

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Magpie 10 years, 1 month ago

Yea, I would have been happier to have our season pass price cut in half, but that is not at all realistic with the type of market we draw. Were we 1 hour from Denver instead of 3, then it would make sense (but then we would be a lot more crowded, especially on weekends and that would suck).

Personally, I am happy to see that there is something for us. For what is basically the same price as our season pass, we can now go to Winter Park and Copper. My family and I basically only ski Steamboat but next year, I bet we take a few day or weekend trips to Winter Park and Copper, so I see it was a bonus.

One math question in the article. The article says: "for $999. It gives the holder the freedom to ski all three mountains as often as they choose for a price that is $64 more than the early season price for an adult season pass at Steamboat in the 2006-07 season"

and later says: " Steamboat loyalists would still be able to purchase an individual Steamboat season pass for $949."

My calculator says that $999-$949 = $50

So really , it is $50 more to ski all three areas, not $64. Yea, it is $64 more than the price last year, but that price in not available for 07-08, so why use it as a comparison.

Along that same vein, it is $14 more to ski Steamboat all season for 07-08 then it was for 06-07. Which is really how the $64 breaks down: $14 increase from last year and $50 to add Winter Park and Copper.


Matthew Stoddard 10 years, 1 month ago

Winter Park isn't too bad to drive to for skiing, at least. Personlly, I would have rather had Buddy Passes, but hey: this is better than what we already had, at least. It may also increase out Front Range business in Steamboat to keep those sales tax revenues coming in. Maybe Buddy Passes are in the future!


mfishon1 10 years, 1 month ago

I'm no bean counter but I can only imagine the easy and quick analysis that happens when pricing seaon tickets:

1) real estate supply is dismal with even more building on the way (i.e. town is growing with more money coming in) 2) local voters keep passing vitually any and every tax increase presented to them to build/enhance public spaces (i.e. make the town even more attractive to attract even more people). An indirect inference from this is that locals "amazingly" even have extra money to spend on more property taxes. 3) die-hard locals will do whatever it takes (sell/barter/beg, starve themselves, eliminate dentist visits, etc.) to purchase their season pass.

translation...we are a captive customer who will bleed however much is required to make sure we spend as much time as possible on that white mountain. I have no problem with that because living anywhere else that cannot provide the way of life that this outdoor paradise provides for me is simply unacceptable.


corduroy 10 years, 1 month ago

For not much difference in price we have the opportunity to ski three mountains insteac. I'm personally pretty happy about it. Would be nice if they dropped the price of the Steamboat Pass more, but Steamboat does make a lot of money for the owners..


citizenjohnq 10 years, 1 month ago

Corduroy: What owners? Intrawest?

The reality is this. If 'locals' were the only people that purchased season passes, season passes would cost less. I haven't been on the mountain at all this year...why? I had to choose. Health insurance and paying rent for my wife and I- aka making a living, or working two or three jobs that pay less than $10/hr each and getting a season pass through one of those jobs and not getting any health coverage for when, not if, I get hurt on that mountain. Its been said before. so I'll say it too: With-in ten years, Steamboat won't have any locals. We'll be another Vail and Aspen. I'm just glad I won't be here to see it. Chao, Steambutt.


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