Knowledge more important than ID of sexual offender

Sheriff's Office releases name of predator moving to Routt County


— At a public meeting tonight, the Routt County Sheriff's Office will release the name, address and photo of a man classified as a sexually violent predator who has moved to the county.

Residents should be thoughtful about how they use that information, state and local officials said.

"It can be a problem if people get the impression that all they have to do is attend the meeting and find out who the sex offender is, and they will be safe," said Peggy Heil, chief of clinical research for the Colorado Department of Corrections. "The people who you are most at risk from are people who you know, not a stranger."

Colorado law requires the public be notified when someone classified by the state as a sexually violent predator has moved into the community. Tonight's public meeting is at 6 p.m. at the Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel.

Routt County Sheriff Gary Wall will not release the perpetrator's name prior to the meeting to protect the integrity of the process and prevent uninformed retaliation. Wall said the meeting involves an education component before information about the individual sex offender is released.

"I'm nervous about names being thrown around without anyone having the benefit of the whole process," he said. "I am very sensitive to this issue and how the community will react."

Though Wall would not release the name, there are five people registered as sex offenders on the Routt County registered sex offenders Web site. One of the men, Ronald Eugene Noel, registered Oct. 31, 2006 and is listed as a transient. He was convicted in 2000 of attempted first-degree sexual assault in Oregon.

Wall would not say whether the public meeting concerned Noel. However, Wall has said previously that the man's crime was committed in Oregon.

It is important the public not harass or bother the offender, said Tamika Payne, executive director for the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

"We need to give them the ability to rehabilitate," she said. "Torturing them will not help rehabilitate and will most likely increase the chance of recidivism."

Often retaliation against the offender will force them to go underground.

"That will probably make that person more unstable and as a result, more dangerous," Heil said. "To support them into a safer lifestyle is the safest option for everybody."

Some debate why public notification is required of sex offenders but not for other violent crimes.

"I think it's because of the harm that is caused by the sexual offense," Heil said. "The victim is very traumatized from the experience and can suffer very long-term effects."

Typically, sex crimes are difficult to address and correct, Heil said.

"It took 16 years on average for the perpetrators in prison from the first time they started sexual offender behavior to the first time they came to the attention of the criminal justice system," Heil said. "They have more variety in their sexual deviation behavior, and higher numbers of offenses than is typically disclosed in criminal records."

Sex offender recidivism rates are a factor, Payne said.

"We do know that sexual predators have up to 100 victims and the treatment is so important," she said, "but so is educating the community."

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whyquestion 10 years ago

if it is noel he is very familiar with oak creek and routt county he used to live here?????? are the sheriff and undersheriff certified YET????? does moffat county and craig have pictures of PERPS?????? would the pictures provide better protection ?????


dundalk 10 years ago

Here, Here! Why does this article sound as though some are more interested in the protection of a child predator than that of the innocent victims of sexual predators? And yes, are Bustos and Wall certified yet? Didn't Gary Wall comment that the Undershierff Bustos would be taking the POST test in mid-February?

Newspaper? Here's a story which needs follow-up!


Gladys 10 years ago

I am so sick of the criminals getting all the rights. As for rehabilitation...when are they going to catch on that they are NEVER rehabilitated. I totally agree with sucker. And why are so many predators moving to Steamboat? Who decides where these sick creeps relocate to after prison?


MC 10 years ago

Yes, Moffat County S.O. and the Craig Police dept. post pictures, addresses, physical description and crimes against all perverts who are registered. It is a comfort to know where these people are. I am not familiar with the system in Routt and what it contains but it seems strange that a county with so much more funding does not provide this. We do not have any meetings regarding the possibility of one coming here, we are usually notified in the local paper that an offender might be moving to the area. After the notification it is as simple as going to the websites and looking them up. I have two on my block and you can bet I watch their every move. If interested in looking at our sites I believe the addresses are: Click on the "sex offender registry" to gain access to the list. There is also a listing of "Craigs most wanted", a compilation of people wanted for anything from check fraud up the more serious felonies. While a meeting like this is great, some may be intimidated or afraid to attend and those folks lose out. Having a website access is anonymous and easy to protect yourself and your family. Good luck!!


suckerfreeforlife 10 years ago

Ridiculous. I find your willingness to censor at the drop of a hat more than just a little "chilling" to free speech. Ironic that you tacitly endorse Ann "Kill all Muslims" Coulter, yet quash my expression that pedophilia should be a capitol crime. Youre a joke.


Watcher 10 years ago

I have never read any reputable source that says sexually violent predators can be rehabilitated. Kudos to Sheriff Wall for letting us know. Where was the old sheriff on this?


Matthew Stoddard 10 years ago

Watcher- Maybe the old Sheriff let people look on this site:

instead of spending money renting space at the Grand. If the person in question is registered as law states (I'm assuming this person IS registered since Wall knows about it.), the above link will tell us. If that link doesn't tell us, does this mean we always have to wait on an "official announcement?"

In fact, the old Community Center hasn't been torn down yet. I bet that would have cost less to rent for this meeting.


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