Lynn Abbott: Side-splitting wit


I laughed until tears dropped into my cold coffee yesterday morning as I read "Countdown to Departure." What a perfect way to start the day!

The first will my husband and I ever wrote was handwritten on a legal pad at midnight before leaving our toddlers with friends as we took off on our first whitewater raft trip. Even now, I spend hours backing up my computer the night before leaving for vacation (having neglected to back it up for months before). Yes, I truly relate to Joanne's story and I'm sure many travelers do. It's just that none of us can tell it with such side-splitting wit. Thanks for letting us share Joanne's humor every week.

Lynn Abbott

Steamboat Springs


Tall_Poppy 10 years, 1 month ago

I, too, laughed till I cried over Joanne's latest. I read her witty perspective every week without fail. Few writers can make me laugh out loud-- Joanne invariably does!


bluebird 10 years, 1 month ago

I, too, enjoy this column every week - and this one was particularly funny!


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