Ski Corp. security foils snowboard heist



RideSports sales associate Johanna Jeffery sorts through a selection of snowboards Sunday afternoon. Early Saturday morning, two local men broke into the Gondola Square store and attempted to steal more than $3,000 worth of snowboards, but they were caught by Ski Corp. security officers and arrested by Steamboat Springs police. The men broke into the store through the window next to the store's entrance. The window now is covered with a board.

— Steamboat Springs police arrested two men who were "caught in the act" of stealing more than $3,000 worth of snowboards from a retail store at Steamboat Ski Area early Saturday morning.

Sgt. Nick Bosick said just after 2 a.m. Saturday, Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. security staff discovered the men attempting to steal at least six snowboards - with a total estimated value of $3,100 - from the RideSports store in Gondola Square. The men entered the store by breaking a large window next to the store's main entrance. The security officers detained the men until police arrived.

Cameron Todd Smith, 27, and Eric Paul Zarrella, 23, remained in custody at the Routt County Jail Sunday evening on suspicion of several felony charges including second-degree burglary, theft and criminal mischief. Both men live in Steamboat.

Ski Corp. spokesperson Mike Lane said Smith is a current Ski Corp. employee.

"They could be facing two to six years for the burglary," Bosick said.

Smith and Zarrella also face charges related to the broken window, which Bosick said is valued at $800. A felony charge is applied to criminal acts involving more than $500.

RideSports staff declined to comment Sunday on the attempted burglary.

Bosick said nothing unusual alerted Ski Corp. security staff to the men.

"They were just doing their normal rounds and came across these guys," Bosick said. "They caught them in the act of removing multiple snowboards from the store."

RideSports is located down a flight of stairs from the Gondola Transit Center, in a covered walkway that also houses retail businesses including The Market at Gondola Square.

A large wooden board covered the broken window Sunday afternoon.

Lane declined to comment on specifics of the incident, citing the pending investigation, but credited Ski Corp. security.

"We have a really talented security staff, and they often go unnoticed," Lane said. "This is another example of the great job they do every day."

As of Sunday evening, neither Smith nor Zarrella had posted bail, set at $10,000 for each. A court date was not yet filed.

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JQPUBLIC 10 years, 1 month ago

bartender... I hope some people aren't raising kids period!!


HolySmoke 10 years, 1 month ago

well we've seen what they do to rainbows for stealing garbage..i feel sorry for you guys the lynch mob is on its way but for some reason i don't think this story is going to get quite the coverage as the rainbow story


corduroy 10 years, 1 month ago

HolySmoke: Did you bother to read the article? Ski Corp Security caught them in the act of breaking and entering. They deserve jail time and a fine. What this has to do with the Rainbow Gathering is beyond me


bartender 10 years, 1 month ago

corduroy, everyone deserves the right to break an $800 window (double paned mined you, I was there yesterday), and take what ever they want. If someone else has what you need just grab it (thats the "rainbow connection"). There should be no consequence to these actions, remember we're part of "the family". Even if everyone else works to earn these things. These poor guys are just being picked on. Yeah right. Most of society has learned to respect other people, or property. If they haven't learned this by 23 and 27, they deserve every bit of justice that can be brought against them. Because next time they just may stop by my house for the new board I worked my rear off for. If it were HSmokes, then obviously no big deal, right. Just because Ski Corp is part of a large company, doesn't make their property fair game. God I hope some people aren't raising kids in my neighborhood.


corduroy 10 years, 1 month ago

I'm going out on a limb to say they probably had ingested wuite a deal of alcohol earlier in the day, seeing as it was St. Patty's and all

Still does not justify breaking and entering The one kid works for Ski Corp. He'll probably get fired. I'd probably fire him if it were me


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