Larry Williams: Like a car wreck


I am responding to your request for feedback regarding continuation of Ms. Coulter's column. I appreciate the chance to respond.

Whether or not Ms. Coulter's column should be carried depends upon what you regard as the primary mission of the Steamboat Pilot. Is the primary mission to inform and provide some degree of analysis or entertainment? If it's entertainment disguised as serious analysis of significant problems, then keep publishing the column. However, if you want to provide serious intellectual representation of the conservative side of the political spectrum, then stop running the column. I readily read George Will, Jonah Goldberg and Maureen Dowd. The value of reading the op-ed pieces is in helping readers formulate opinions through the use of reasoned application of facts. Those pundits cited above do that to a greater or lesser degree.

Ann Coulter, on the other hand, more often than not relies upon tawdry name-calling, unsupported factual claims, and assigning to her ideological opponents the most sinister of motivations. We deserve better analysis and a more disciplined approach to didactic argumentation than what she provides.

I put her columns in the same genre as the supermarket tabloids that claim that Bigfoot has impregnated Hillary Clinton. I admit to sometimes reading her columns, but for the same reason I stare at serious car wrecks as I pass them on the highway. I don't learn anything of value by staring at the wreck, but it's a novel spectacle.

Please discontinue her.

Larry Williams



dundalk 10 years ago


Do you find the Tattoo of the Week to be analytical or tawdry? Don't you find Maureen Dowd's unsubstantiated remarks about the President and the office of the President to be equally offfensive?

One man's treasure is another's trash. Did you find the "news" about Anna Nicole Smith interesting? Was it analytical and thought provoking? Did you enjoy our Editor's blurbs about Smith to be newsworthy?

After reviewing the poll that was poised to the readers about Coulter remaining, the voices of reason voted to keep Coulter in the paper.


panky 10 years ago

Duntalk, that's beautiful.

In all cases, "Consider the source."

Or even better, "Consider the motivation."


jlkar 10 years ago

The coming ass age.

Al Gore is fat.
don't save the environment. republicans don't write death threats. liberals hate science. Conclusion: Real religions operate by continuing furious debates and disproving each other's theorys. Real religions need to be around for hundreds of years before they are allowed to have problems like raping boys, fanatical sects and holy wars. But Al Gore is fat and made a movie so we should not believe in global warming.

Keep her in, she's hilarious, but put her in entertainment.


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