Couple filling hole in bagel market


— The owners of a new bagel shop in downtown Steamboat Springs had a feeling people on the west side of town were hungry.

Based on the steady stream of customers coming into Bagel Works at 1117 Lincoln Ave. on Wednesday morning, the husband-wife team Matt and Hope Hannon were right. The store had only been open four days, and Bagel Works already had its regulars.

"I've been here pretty much every day since it opened," said Shawn Tompkins, who was picking up something he knew he liked - an onion bagel, not toasted and with veggie cream cheese. "I'm a bagel fiend, and I live and work on this side of town."

"It's really nice to have another option on this end of town," customer Meagan Redfern agreed.

Everyone who made their way into Bagel Works was able to find something they liked, whether it was a fresh-baked bagel with Philadelphia Cream Cheese or a breakfast or lunch bagel sandwich served any time. Matt Hannon thinks he picked a good spot for his bagel business.

"I wanted the west side of town because there are a lot of people living on the west side and not a lot of food choices," said Hannon, who said he spent nearly two years looking for the right space to rent. "It has been a lot busier than I thought it would have been the first couple days."

Hannon has been coming to Steamboat since the early 1990s and lived in Fort Collins since 1992 before moving to Steamboat in October. He went to school at Colorado State University.

When Hannon was asked how he got into the bagel business, Hannon answered: "I got a degree in anthropology."

The jobs available in the anthropology field did not appeal to him so Hannon got a job at Bagel Works in Fort Collins. There he met his future wife and in 1998, he bought the store. Hannon's parents then retired in Steamboat and Hannon decided that is where he wanted to raise his family and open his second Bagel Works store.

In October he began renovating the building where Bagel Works would be located. The space was formerly occupied by a drycleaner, and Hannon practically gutted the interior to the concrete and dirt floor, he said.

"It was quite a transformation to see this building go from a drycleaner to this," said Jane Hannon, Matt Hannon's mom.

Wednesday morning, while Matt and Hope were taking care of customers, Jane was busy looking after the "bagel baby." That is what Hope calls their 14-month-old son, Sawyer. His grandpa, Bruce Hannon, was also busy, canvassing the downtown area with Bagel Works menus.

With Bagel Works opening, there are now two places in Steamboat that have a menu focused around bagels.

Colorado Bagel Co. and Deli opened in Central Park Plaza on the east side of town in 1993. Jeff Puffett owns the business and said he thinks there is room for another bagel shop in Steamboat.

"I think it's great," Puffett said. "We get a few people from the west end of town, but it's great for that end of town. I think it will do well."

Bagel Works is open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. Call 871-1353.


Matthew Stoddard 10 years ago

"Filling hole in Bagel Market..." That play on words would work better on a donut shop opening since you can barely see any hole in a bagel.

I'll definitely try the place, though. Nice words from Jeff for his competition. That's class!


mama 10 years ago

Now if they start making bialys, that'll really be something! Way to go and best of luck.


corduroy 10 years ago

LOVE the new bagel place, right down the road from work, and soooo tasty :) we still need a donut joint.. anyone know how to make good donuts?


workerbee 10 years ago

I love Daylight Donuts, too bad it would fall into a "formula store" category. Remember when they used to be in town? Soooo good!!!!!!


another_local 10 years ago

workerbee... you may be interested to know that there is NO move to ban formula stores, only to limit the number of them in total and prevent them from dominating any part of the city. Under the proposed ordinance and the variations under discussion, a Daylight Doughnuts would be able to open.

But that is a good example of yet another formula business that failed here. There are more of those than there are success stories.


Watcher 10 years ago

I remember when Arby's was here. They had a terrible location, for the time, and their service was horrible. I was not suprised that they went out of business. ANY store with those problems will not make it here, formula store or home grown. The way to stay in business and thrive is location, location, location combined with good products and terrific service. Storeowners take notice.


katrinkakelly 10 years ago

The bagels are fantastic! The Merchant is also on the west end of town, next to Grease Monkey.


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