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Scott Stanford

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A week ago, I invited readers to provide feedback on whether the newspaper should keep or drop Ann Coulter.

Quick review - Coulter made a derogatory remark suggesting Sen. John Edwards is homosexual at a Conservative Political Action Committee conference last week. Coulter said it was a joke. I know funny - what Coulter said wasn't funny. It was offensive.

We're not the only newspaper to seek feedback on the matter. The Elko (Nev.) Daily Free Press also sought reader input, as did the Springfield (Ill.) State Journal Register. Elko decided last week to keep publishing Coulter. On Wednesday, the State Journal Register also decided to keep Coulter, even though the newspaper's online poll wasn't going Coulter's way.

Last I checked, our online poll was going Coulter's way - 57 percent think we should keep publishing her; 43 percent think she needs to be removed from our editorial pages.

Media Matters ( is a nonprofit organization that claims to be dedicated to correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. In truth, it's a partisan group that advocates for liberal causes. I cite it because Media Matters got active in the Coulter affair. The agency posted a distribution list of newspapers that carry Coulter and prompted readers to e-mail those newspapers' publishers and editors, urging them to cancel Coulter.

We did not make Media Matters' list, and that's OK by me because we got enough feedback without it.

Media Matters reported the following newspapers have dropped Coulter: the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin of Ontario, Calif.; the Lancaster (Pa.) New Era; the Oakland (Mich.) Press; the Mountain Press of Sevierville, Tenn.; the Sanford (N.C.) Herald; the DeKalb (Ill.) Daily Chronicle; the Shreveport (La.) Times; the Lake Charles (La.) American Press; and the Decatur (Ill) Herald and Review. Some 90 or more continue to carry her column.

Readers posted more than 80 comments on the online version of my column last week. That's among the most we have received on any story since going to our new Web format last August. Only a story about the two Rainbow Gathering participants accused of stealing produce from a local store and a story about Sheriff Gary Wall have received more.

I am offended by terms that stereotype people based on race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. There are a lot of ways Coulter could have made her point about Edwards without using the word she chose.

This is not a freedom of speech or First Amendment issue. The newspaper pays for about a dozen columnists that get printed in our newspaper. Does that mean we are violating the free speech rights of the hundreds of columnists we don't buy? Does that mean because we only use about one in three of the columns that Paul Greenberg and Paul Krugman write that we are violating their rights to free speech? Of course not.

Ann Coulter said something stupid and offensive, and for that, the Steamboat Pilot & Today and many other newspapers had to reconsider whether they would continue to carry her column. Count us among those that will.

On the Web

I wanted to note a couple of new features on our Web site,

First, we have added links to the latest national, world, sports and business news from the Associated Press. The links are in the left-hand rail under the heading "From the Wire." This includes video and audio of breaking national news. You can now get to national and international news without leaving the site.

Second, I have started a "From the Editor" blog, in which I hope to answer reader questions and post news about the newspaper and journalism in general. You can read it here.

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Matthew Stoddard 10 years, 1 month ago

It was an offensive term used to describe homosexuality. Kind of like how Average_Joe was an offensive term used to describe twits on anonymous forums without the backbone to stand up for their words. Same type of thing.


corduroy 10 years, 1 month ago

I posted this on Scott's blog instead of here:

Posted by corduroy on March 15, 2007 at 1:06 p.m.

Personally I didn't like the way the little poll was worded.. "Should the newspaper replace Ann Coulter's column based on her remark about John Edwards?" should we really be making a decision "based on" a remark? Or just looking at her in general. I would say no do removing it because of the remark, but maybe yes do to other reasons. Just like so many of the legislature we vote on, its a totally loaded question.

Posted by corduroy on March 15, 2007 at 2:30 p.m.

I thought more about my earlier comment and felt the need to further explain my point of view. I would not remove the column based on a remark, however I would vote to remove the column on the basis that it really doesn't offer anything of interest to the Pilot's readers. Essentially, Coulter is a media whore looking for more airtime to promote herself and her books. Why should we support her in those efforts, what positive has she ever brought to our local paper. That is all :)


dundalk 10 years, 1 month ago

But isn't Maureen Dowd, Cal Friedman and other columnists acheiving the exact same thing - being summed up as media whores? Maureen Dowd is a published author as well. Aren't you also creating the exact same thing to which you seem to balk at Ann Coulter for?

The positive which Ms. Coulter and Ms. Dowd bring to their columns is a point of view, as covered by free speech, whether tasteful or not. Their audiences may not lay under the elephant or ass, subjectively, but the reader can ascern who holds a more common principle; liberal or conservative.


stmbtdon 10 years, 1 month ago

I don't know what to think of your Coulter opinion poll voting. My wife voted "yes"on her computer under then when I voted "yes" on my computer under your system would not allow my vote. Is there some reason why I cannot vote or is there something in your system that does not allow a vote against your opinion to count?


Scott Stanford 10 years, 1 month ago


The system is set up to prevent more than one vote from being cast from the same computer.

Scott Stanford 871-4221/291-9278


sickofitall 10 years, 1 month ago

Hey , I thought that poll was non-scientific and now you guys rely on it? lol WTF?? Get your story you rely on the poll or not?


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