Marilyn Mackenzie: I'm impressed


Many things have impressed me during my two-month stay in Steamboat - the great skiing, the beautiful environment and the friendly people. But there are two other things I would like to compliment the town on.

The first is the fantastic free shuttle bus service that makes life so easy for tourists. Trips to the mountain, market and downtown are hassle-free. Routes and stops are clearly marked, buses are always on time no matter what the conditions, and services are frequent. However, it is the bus drivers who make the service such an excellent one. I've listened to them patiently answer the same questions hundreds of times. "Does this bus go downtown?" They are unfailingly friendly and helpful. "Watch the step." "It's a helmet kind of day." They provide information about restaurants, activities and other services. They are wonderful ambassadors for Steamboat. Thank you.

The second is this paper. I've read it avidly every day. The Steamboat Today epitomizes what a good local paper should be. It helps to foster a sense of community, a pride in education and involvement in activities. It also encourages involvement in democratic processes, whether it be the school calendar, local planning or what is included in the paper. I thought Ann Coulter was a great satirist and I was disappointed to learn she wasn't. So thank you to the Steamboat Today.

I hope Steamboat continues to be such a welcoming town and continues to have such a wonderful sense of community.

Marilyn Mackenzie

St. Lorne, Australia


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