Jim Curd: Sick fascination


Personally, I couldn't care less whether Ann Coulter stays or not, because sooner or later, people like her self-destruct from their own hate anyway. I do, however, challenge you to construct a side-by-side comparison of remarks on any number of hot-button issues made by Coulter vs. Dowd or any liberal of your choice, for that matter. I predict two results.

First, Ann Coulter's writing will, without comparison, contain a steady stream of ugliness - genuine ugliness that one will not find in other mainstream writers, columnists, etc., of either side. And, second, facts will never stand in the way of her ugliness. The truly sad part of all this is not necessarily what Coulter says on any given day, but rather (and all the while hiding behind the First Amendment) how many people actually applaud or make excuses for what she said.

Ann Coulter isn't a journalist, she isn't a satirist, and she isn't even an entertainer. Ann Coulter is a bit like watching corn pop in a hot iron skillet - a lot of hissing followed by out-of-control, random detonations and ending up with a smoking, smelly, inedible mess. But, at the end of the day, even I have to admit that there is a sick sort of fascination that comes from watching someone like her slip, week by week, into complete psychosis.

Jim Curd

Steamboat Springs


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