Jeannine C. Stauder: Coulter and Dowd


I'd like to thank the Steamboat Today for providing the columns of two women political writers, Maureen Dowd and Ann Coulter, in the Thursday edition. Both are devoted to their respective political parties and present current issues from that viewpoint. I learned as a child that name-calling shows a lack of intelligence on the part of the name-caller. It's a tactic used by people who can't think of, or don't have, a legitimate retort against an opponent.

Ms. Dowd seems to be doing more than her usual amount of name-calling recently. This week, there was "King George," "Tricky Dickie II" and "Chickenhawk Cheney." It doesn't do anything for the discerning reader but create doubt about Ms. Dowd's level of intelligence.

Additionally, she has and continues to beat to death the 2000 election that she claims was decided by a partisan Supreme Court. The then-sitting judges were appointed by both Democrat and Republican presidents, and since George W. wasn't yet president, he couldn't have appointed a partisan judge.

Secondly, if what I read in national newspapers was accurate (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt), when all votes were counted and the sand in Florida settled, Gore did not win that state.

I'm looking forward to next Thursday's Steamboat Today - it might be Ann who gets my ire up.

Jeannine C. Stauder

Steamboat Springs


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