Betty Leipold: Just build it


Will we ever get a community center? The City Council was blindsided on Tuesday with the estimate cost going so far over budget. Real sticker shock.

I can understand council being frightened because of what happened with the tennis center. But that is a special facility used by a limited number of people. We are now talking about a community center that can be used by everyone.

I think there should be some creative financing where everyone is involved.

The contractors who built that LIFT-UP building generously donated some in-kind services. It would be nice if they would do that on this project. But the responsibility for the community center should be borne by everybody. A person could buy a tree, a shrub, window, etc. There could be a list of projected cost for various items that we citizens should step up to the plate and pay for. With everybody pitching in, this would be a true community center that belongs to all of us.

Betty Leipold

Steamboat Springs


another_local 10 years, 1 month ago

"But that is a special facility used by a limited number of people."

Exactly. The community center is also a special facility. It is used by even fewer people.

Enough already. Cancel this wasteful project.


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