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How about pulling Dowd?

I have never called the Pilot to request that Maureen Dowd be removed even though she is extremely hateful and likes to twist the truth so much you can't recognize it. If Coulter is pulled then Dowd should be as well, however if the paper decides to pull either of them I will cancel my subscription. I don't think it is going to hurt anyone to get all opinions, even when you don't like them. What ever happened to freedom of speech. I read Dowd to better understand how far wrong the left has gone.

- Watcher

Can Coulter

Coulter adds to the discourse like David Duke, Sistah Soljah, and Hezbollah add to the discourse. I'd actually rather we saw a syndicated column from Al-Jazeera. We'd have a much better window into the Arab street. With FOX's burying of the Walter Reed debacle, you wouldn't think righty-journalism could have less cred than they do right now, yet here comes another baseless smear from Ann Coulter, proving there is no bottom.

- Suckerfreeforlife

Stanford's got to go

We need a new editor. Specifically, we need an editor who does not allow his or her personal bias to overtly impede the principle of free speech: Is this attempt to ban Coulter just the latest in a very long and very identifiable pattern of overtly obvious bias in the execution of "professional" responsibilities? It's time for a change. Demand it now.

- sbvor

Everybody wins

This is just another ploy for (Ann Coulter) to get back into the spotlight. Hey it worked! She makes money, Edwards makes money, round and round we go! Great entertainment for sure.

- sickofitall

Debunking the myth

"In its agreement with the U.S. Forest Service, Ski Corp. can't operate the ski area past April 15, and it usually closes on the Sunday before April 15." That is an oft-repeated urban legend that suits the needs of the ski industry. The Forest Service will let the mountain do whatever it wants in that regard. The mountain closes in early/mid April because paying customers stop coming.

- another_local

Don't ever play with guns

Regarding the "church skit" story on Saturday: Sick. Reality TV gone live and quite wrong. This is church? Wow. And I thought God was a safe haven to escape from the madness of the world... Wow.

- Gwendolyn

Failing to report the good

Who failed to communicate - Routt County Communications? Why wasn't this all investigated before (Thursday's) article in the Today, in big headlines on the first page? Who oversees RC Communications? Seems like a lot of officials/reporters "jumped the gun" on this situation (pardon the pun). Our teen also reported (youth Pastor Jake Hothem) told the "gunman" not to hurt the kids - take him (Jake) but not to harm the kids. Nothing has been said about the multitude of good this group does. It's a shame that only "bad things" get reported. Perhaps this group, through Jake's leadership, is giving the "officials" of Routt County a "learning experience." Hopefully, everyone will learn something from this.

- Camo181

A dumb ordinance

Regarding "Main Street to host discussion on store ordinance draft" on Thursday, March 8: Can you say... Sherman Anti-Trust Act! Whatever happened to free trade? What about a free market? Totally clueless. One of the many wonderful things about this country of ours, is that our system allows "each" to lose or make - his, hers or their own money. Get creative, businesspeople, not restrictive!

- agentofchange

Clear the hydrant

Whose responsibility is it to monitor and keep fire hydrants clear of snow? There is a fire hydrant completely buried in the middle of an Old Town neighborhood. I made a call to the city last week about it. It's still buried. Talk about civil liability. The city should do its part first before barking out at the public.

- WZ

Newt's follies

Didn't ya hear? Newt is coming out with an affair too. It was during the time he was investigating Bill Clinton. And hey, I can't wait to see who the highest bidder is on that escort service client list in DC. Holy moly, we have guns and prostitutes in D.C. I think these guys need a time out.

- sickofitall


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