Marra Bennett: Support green energy


There are house bills going before Colorado Legislature this week and many of them are concerning green energy and green building codes.

What we do now will affect our air and environment tomorrow. It is so important that we all stand up and say we support building a sustainable future today.

Currently, we have an electric company that thinks saving money is more important than clean air. They aren't providing the community with the amount of green energy that it is asking for. There is a waiting list of people who want to buy wind energy but can't. One of the bills going before Congress is net metering. This bill will give more incentives to those wanting to create their own solar, wind or hydropower. The net metering bill will help increase our green energy so those who want it can buy it.

YVEA is fighting this bill because they say their members aren't willing to pay more to pollute less, even though they have a waiting list of people who say they are. If you believe clean air should be a priority and is worth saving, then please call your legislator and tell them to support clean energy and net metering.

Marra Bennett

Steamboat Springs


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