The Record for March 2



The following is a list of people booked into the Routt County Jail on suspicion of the listed charges. The arresting agency is listed in parentheses.

Saturday, Feb. 24

Jerome Eugene Delhaute, 47, Steamboat Springs-Disturbing the peace (Steamboat Springs Police Department)

George Kevin Schlidge, 47, Fort Collins-DUI, weaving, failing to report an accident (SSPD)

Sunday, Feb. 25

John Jude Fitzmaurice, 42, Barrington Hills, Ill.-DUI, DUI per se, failing to signal (SSPD)

Mark Allen Gay, 35, Craig-Failing to appear, driving under the influence of drugs, possessing less than 1 ounce of marijuana, possessing drug paraphernalia, driving under suspension (Colorado State Patrol)

Cory Lynn Wall, 56, Steamboat Springs-Harassment (SSPD)

Monday, Feb. 26

Gregory Steven Robich, 30, Fort Collins-Third-degree assault (SSPD)

Jasmine Leigh Phillips, 19, Steamboat Springs-Failing to appear (dog at large) (SSPD)

Tiffany Jo Duke, 23, Steamboat Springs-Failing to appear (dog at large) (SSPD)

Shane Avery Reynolds, 39, Steamboat Springs-Driving under revocation, speeding, no proof of insurance (SSPD)

Tuesday, Feb. 27

Edward Butler Thornton, 31, Houston, Texas-DUI, DUI per se, careless driving (SSPD)

Jacob Justin McGoran, 33, Hayden-Third-degree assault (Hayden Police Department)

Brian James Fatjo, 29, Steamboat Springs-Driving under restraint, speeding (SSPD)

Wednesday, Feb. 28

Ryan Daniel Dobbs, 22, Steamboat Springs-Second-degree criminal trespass (SSPD)

Travis Neil Snyder, 27, Steamboat Springs-Probation violation (SSPD)

Kathryn Jane St. George, 54, Steamboat Springs-DUI, reckless driving, failing to notify of an accident, failing to give information (SSPD)

Thursday, March 1

Charles O'Neil Lavery, 23, Steamboat Springs-Failing to appear (SSPD)

Donald Scott Kidder, 42, Steamboat Springs-Contempt of court (second-degree trespass) (SSPD)

Friday, March 2

Anthony Brendan Wotkyns, 27, Steamboat Springs-Failing to appear (DUI) (SSPD)

Kelvin Joseph McDaniel, 21, Craig-Driving under restraint, speeding (SSPD)

Norman Christian Schommers, 27, Steamboat Springs-Driving under restraint, exceeding safe speed (SSPD)


Friday, March 2

12:18 a.m. A drunken 26-year-old man was taken to detox from the 1800 block of Ski Time Square.

1:44 a.m. A baby girl was born in the chip aisle in the 7-Eleven at U.S. Highway 40 and Elk River Road. A Steamboat Springs police officer delivered the girl after her parents, who live in Craig, couldn't make it to the hospital in time.

2:46 a.m. Officers contacted a group of noisy young people who were trying to pull a gold truck out of a ditch near Hilltop Parkway and Eaglepointe Court.

7:10 a.m. A car slid off the road east of Steamboat Springs. No injuries or damage was reported.

9:33 a.m. A snowplow reportedly hit a yellow Hummer in the 300 block of Lincoln Avenue.

10:40 a.m. Someone was taken to the hospital from the 1900 block of Mount Werner Road because he or she was suffering from chest pains.

10:52 a.m. A theft of skis, a snowboard, snowboard boots and other gear worth $6,500 from a storage locker was reported in the 1900 block of Ski Time Square.

11:32 a.m. Officers warned someone in the 800 block of Merritt Street to stop plowing snow onto city streets.

11:52 a.m. A gas skip worth $40 was reported in the 1400 block of Lincoln Avenue.

1:15 p.m. A woman reported receiving a threatening message from an ex-boyfriend in the Steamboat area.

2:14 p.m. Two male skiers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries after one of the men crashed into the other at the bottom of Buddy's Run at the Steamboat Ski Area. One of the skiers was cited for skiing recklessly.

3:57 p.m. A pair of skis reportedly was stolen from a rack in the 1800 block of Ski Time Square.

6:43 p.m. A 27-year-old Steamboat Springs man was arrested in the 2000 block of Shield Drive for failing to appear in court.

6:51 p.m. A car was towed from near Ninth and Yampa streets because it was reportedly blocking the fire station bays.

9:07 p.m. A 21-year-old Craig man was arrested near Lincoln Avenue and Dream Island Plaza on suspicion of driving under restraint and speeding.

9:42 p.m. A pair of skis reportedly was stolen from the 2300 block of AprÃs Ski Way.

10:16 p.m. A 27-year-old Steamboat Springs man was arrested near Oak and Fifth streets on suspicion of driving under restraint and exceeding a safe speed.


cybergypsy 10 years ago

The Sheriff's Office didn't make a single arrest this week?


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