Charlie Dresen: Missing diversity


My eyes are open, and the 'Boat is lacking diversity. I too have enjoyed the diversity at the grocery stores, the restaurants and the lift lines over the past week. Scott Stanford's March 1 article resonated to what's good and bad about Steamboat.

We relocated here from a big city to simplify life and give our child a healthier environment in which to grow. But now I have to stop and wonder what else is missing?

I love Steamboat for what it has to offer. But seeing the diversity in Steamboat this week has made me realize that as much as we cherish this idyllic outdoor life here in the 'Boat, we're all, and especially our children, missing a true aspect of life. And that is the true ethnic diversity of our nation.

I agree with Stanford and hope that someday Steamboat will be more diverse, and when the National Brotherhood of Skiers comes back to Steamboat again, we won't be so surprised when we walk down the aisle at the grocery store.

Charlie Dresen

Steamboat Springs


sbspowderhound 10 years ago

It is doubtful that this town will ever see much diversity. We cater to the rich white.


id04sp 10 years ago

No we don't. We cater to the rich. Race doesn't have a thing to do with it.

Have you forgotten that the ski hill was owned by a Japanese company a few years back? Nobody asked them what their race was before selling out.

No world-class ski resort can stay open by serving a few thousand clueless locals. If we didn't have rich people coming around to spend money, all the local skiers would be stuck with Howelsen or a long drive to some other hill.


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