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'80s for the ladies

How long has this fabulous ladies' night been happening at Wired? Check it out!

I could have danced all night. Oh, right - I did.

It rocked

Everyone on Saturday agreed it was the best powder day of the season. And OMG - there weren't enough swear words in the English vocabulary to yell out to express the excitement about our precious champagne.

My second favorite part of days like that are the enthusiastic "Eooowws!" "Woohooos!" and "Yee Haws!" that echo through the landscape.

I homesteaded the golf course all morning because there were birds chirping in the pine trees and sections that felt like I jumped into a swimming pool of fresh pow pow.

Only drawback - three of us golf course groupies got stuck in the same tree well at the same time, and all you can do is laugh and dig your way out for more of the sweet, sweet snow.

Alexis DeLaCruz summed up the day's gallant experience with two words - "It rocked!"

Exploring the sacred

Two and a half years ago, Tim McCarthy and Marchele McEntee invited local religious leaders to initiate discussions about the issues we face personally, locally and globally.

On Tuesday night, the group held a public discussion about life after death, and the moral compasses of our community led an insightful and stimulating conversation that resulted in one common thread. Each represented religion agrees there is something eternal going on, and most life-after-death experiences are very similar, regardless of the person's faith.

Encore, please!

Adam Ezra had me at "Every Rose has its Thorn." He prefaced his Poison encore with, "You guys better sing louder than me for this song."

No problem.

My friend Louis held out his fist microphone and slow danced with me as I sang, "I listen to our favorite song/playing on the radio/hear the deejay say, loves a game of easy come and easy go/but I wonder does he know/has he ever felt like this/and I know you'd be here right now/if I could have let you know somehow/I guess every rose has its thorn:"

- Allison Plean


kingsride 10 years ago

Four; This is just "fluff". It has become an element in all news media. Usually I just tune it out .


id04sp 10 years ago

How do such people get a voice in the media? It's usually by being related to someone with pull, or obtaining "pull" by some other means.

Anyone remember Christine Ebersole on Saturday Night Live? Any mystery that her hubby was an NBC executive when she joined the cast.


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