Council tables Jade Summit decision

Attorney concerned about proceeding with dual cases as investigation continues



The Steamboat Springs City Council tabled a discussion Thursday regarding the suspension or revocation of the Jade Summit's liquor license. The council, acting as the city's Liquor License Authority, is considering suspending or revoking the liquor license after the bar's owner was arrested in February in connection with an incident involving a female bar patron.

— The owner of a Ski Time Square restaurant and bar will have another month to deal with a criminal case against him before the city decides whether to pursue suspending his liquor license.

The City Council, acting as the city's Liquor License Authority, made the decision Thursday after the man's attorney expressed concern about his client having to defend himself to the council before getting the chance to appear in Routt County Court to resolve the criminal case.

Jade Summit and Pirate's Pub owner Kevin Nerney was arrested Feb. 4 in connection with an alleged incident involving a bar patron. Nerney is facing a misdemeanor charge.

"The criminal case will not be resolved by April, and that puts him in a difficult situation to defend himself against the charges imposed by this board," said attorney Kris Hammond, who is representing Nerney. "He won't be able to speak about certain things because there's an ongoing criminal investigation."

Although Nerney has not been convicted of the misdemeanor, the council has the authority to suspend or revoke his liquor license based upon Nerney's alleged conduct.

Last year, the council suspended Jade Summit's license for three days for selling alcohol to a minor.

During Thursday's hearing, Steamboat Springs police Capt. Joel Rae suggested the council set a "suspense date" to ensure the liquor license issue is resolved in a timely manner.

"We feel that is serious enough to warrant community concern, and these types of things can go on for six months to a year down the road," Rae said, referring to criminal court proceedings.

Council members agreed to revisit the issue at its April 5 meeting.

Also Thursday, the council found probable cause to move forward with punishing three businesses that failed a routine police department alcohol compliance check in January.

The city likely will offer liquor license suspensions to Rex's American Grill and Bar, City Market and Arctic Liquors for failing the compliance check.

If any of the businesses opt not to accept the proposed suspensions, the businesses will take part in a show-cause hearing, during which they'll be able to present evidence supporting a different punishment.

Council members asked city staff Thursday to gather more information from Mambo Italiano owners regarding an allegation that someone was seen drinking alcohol at the bar after 2 a.m., which is illegal.

The council asked to review surveillance tapes of the bar, police reports and cash register tape before making any decisions. Mambo Italiano also is scheduled to appear before the council April 5.

Lastly, the council granted a tavern liquor license for a new wine bar that will move into Terry Sports in Ski Time Square.


Watcher 10 years ago

I find it extremely frightening that the city can revoke someone's liquor license based upon allegations. Everyone with a liquor license should be outraged over this. It matters not whether or not the allegations, in this particular case, turn out to be true; at this point, they are only allegations. What has happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

Isn't the city concerned with the fact that they could possibly face a huge lawsuit over civil rights abuse and/or depriving someone of their ability to make a living based upon mere 'allegations'?


gwendolyn 10 years ago

Um, in a word, "no."

Civil rights abuse in Steamboat? happens all the time. even ending in HUGE lawsuits....

This lawsuit even made the President's list of items to highlight on the activities of the Justice Department. The town really made a name for itself on that one. More press and online links than you could possibly imagine.

Then there's that little lawsuit that TIC went through....

$2+ million settlement on that one.

And then there's the thing with Colorado Mountain College...currently they are working on making the campus and it's building more "accessible"...either that or lose federal monies....all of the buildings sit on the side of a hill and ramps/elevators, etc. are just not "accessible" to everyone...

Oh, and let's not forget the school district. More lawsuits than you could shake a stick at. And more on the way....

This town has so much money it apparently thinks it's above the law -- and can pay off whatever they lose in court without too much of a struggle.

My greatest disappointment in this community is it's raging inability to ascertain it's deficiencies, accept there is a problem, and "do the right thing" to correct the situation.

Steamboat Springs, in my opinion, believes it is above silly little things like civil rights and the law and does whatever it wants whenever it feels like it.

Beautiful town with many, many awesome people living here. Even so, far too many individuals who actually run the 'boat are too "special" for any of our good.


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