Return of the Tour

Flocks of cyclists complete loop


— Although Bike to Work Week officially concluded Friday, the streets will remain the bikers' domain with the return of nearly 2,000 road cyclists this afternoon.

After 345 miles and seven mountain passes in six days, participants in the 13th annual Bicycle Tour of Colorado complete their final leg today. They will depart Kremmling in the morning for a final 73 miles up 9,527-foot Gore Pass and down to Colorado Highway 131, through Oak Creek and back into Steamboat Springs, where the race left June 23.

This is the third time the BTOC has visited Steamboat, but the first time in the history of the tour - one race director Kent Powell referred to as "a little, hardcore tour" - that the 418-mile Alpine loop will start and finish in Steamboat.

Matt Windt, special events director for the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, said that tour organizers are planning a barbecue from noon to 4 p.m. at Steamboat Springs High School, when the bulk of riders should be arriving.

The BTOC is not one of the chamber's featured "Steamboat in the Summertime" events, but Windt said the chamber helped the tour in terms of service support and coordinating with local agencies.

"We got a lot of support from the city and the school district was great to work with," Windt said, reminding drivers to be mindful of the influx of bike traffic and businesses to be aware of the "extra jolt" in visitation.

The event is a tour and not a race, so participants will be arriving at their own pace throughout the afternoon. The BTOC brought riders this year from 47 states for a tour with nightly stops along the way in Walden, Winter Park, Copper Mountain, Leadville and Kremmling, with a layover day, Wednesday in Copper Mountain.

Local participants included Chris Diamond, Steve Southworth, Carol Milligan, George Krawzoff, Jack Dysart, Bob Weiss and Bill Stuart.


stillinsteamboat 9 years, 10 months ago

The cyclists are great guests to our town,they tread lightly and I hope they continue to visit, but is anyone else thinking enough is enough. The ball players,Lincoln Ave. blocked off for Mustangs. The city blocking off traffic to change the overhead banners. I feel the only event to shut down Lincoln should be Winter Carnival. All the special interest groups ie. Mustangs etc. should look for another place to hold their event. Why should thousands of local residents be incovenienced for these special interest groups. How about using the fair grounds,or some other large open space. It's just too much. Has anyone else noticed?


dundalk 9 years, 10 months ago

I wish they'd bring back the vintage cars and motorcycles which were great for business after the summer crowds were long gone. I looked forward to seeing those races, even if they impaired my route to City Market. But, as usual, someone complained and we were left with a nice piece of revenue gone.


stillinsteamboat 9 years, 10 months ago

revenue, you must be a merchant. I used to work 3 jobs in order to live here. It was worth it. Now I'm not sure the quality of life hasn't been irreparably damaged by "revenue"


Lee Cox 9 years, 10 months ago

Many other Steamboaters participated in the Tour: Lee Cox, Cyndy Mansur, Alex Berger, Tom Keenan, Craig Olsheim, Marty O'Leary, Jimmy Westlake, Jim and Madeline Vail on a tandem, and 9 members of the Over the Hill Gang.


sportzmama 9 years, 10 months ago

Be careful what you wish for huh?? If it weren't for these activities that bring the dreaded "revenue" to Steamboat how would there even be the "3 jobs" it takes most to live here? This is a true resort destination like it or not. I also wish it weren't so busy, but it is, so we should just try to enjoy it. Skiing isn't the only game in town.


JQPUBLIC 9 years, 10 months ago

stillinsteamboat...."Now I'm not sure the quality of life hasn't been irreparably damaged by "revenue"... looks like someone woke up....

They MUST keep that revenue coming in summer, fall, and else would the merchants be able to close down for lengthy vacations during spring mud season when there is no one around to cater to but the nasty little locals?


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