Look who bikes to work: Sarah Kostin



Sarah Kostin

Occupation: front desk and circulation staff member at Bud Werner Memorial Library

1. Why do you commute?

"I commute to save gas, to feel refreshed and energized and because it is safer than driving."

2. How do you prepare for your bike commute?

"I have a basket on my bike in which I stuff everything I can. I wear SmartWool socks with my sandals and take them off when I arrive, and a hooded sweatshirt to stay warm during my morning commute. I usually put my socks and sweatshirt back in my basket when I return home. If I wear a skirt, I wear sweatpants underneath."

3. What route do you choose?

"If I am in a hurry, I cut through Old Town and enter Lincoln on 11th Street and cross at the light on 13th Street, although it can be frustrating because of the long wait. Otherwise, I cross Lincoln at Ninth Street and ride the bike path along the river to the library."

4. Do you have any tips on making bike commuting a good experience?

"You should allow yourself plenty of time, but I don't always do that. Dress appropriately, be prepared for inclement weather. Smile, it's fun!"

5. Does your employer promote bike commuting?

"In the past few years, the library has celebrated Colorado Bicycle Month in June by giving out prizes to staff who use alternative transportation. Sometimes, on the staff message board, we ask who rode their bike that day. I feel like the library is doing a very good job at promoting bike commuting, especially leading by example. Among about 15 employees, at least five commute almost every day, all year long, and even more in the summer."


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