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Housing dilemma

If the rise in real estate values has created this affordable housing dilemma, why propose funding with a sales tax increase? Why not tax the cause via a real estate conveyance tax? And use it to fund open space to boot.


No sympathy

Somehow, I really can't feel bad for people renting out homes they don't even live in when a lot of this town can't even afford to buy a home. Wah, wah, wah.


Danger for cyclists

As a local driver and cyclist, I appreciate the situation Mr. (Jack) Horner voiced. Cyclists who ride two or three abreast are inviting disaster and unnecessarily annoying drivers who encounter them. That behavior increases the risk for all cyclists.


Bike friendly

There are no roads in Routt County that have "bike lanes" as you describe them. The control line is there on the right to encourage motorists to drive differently. This line does provide the vulnerable cyclists of our community some refuge on our narrow and twisty county roads, but in most cases it's no fun to ride there as this is not a paved 4-foot wide lane, but a narrow edge to the road with road debris, potholes and uneven surfaces to challenge the alertness of any rider. This is why our roads need to be improved and this is why the County Commissioners and City officials are working so diligently to make this a more bicycle friendly community.


Selfish and uninformed

Mr. Horner's viewpoint is both selfish and uninformed. He might want to at least look at the Colorado Motor Vehicle law before making statements about it. There is nothing that states that cyclists must remain to the right of the white line.


Veiled threat

A car or a horse seem to be more valuable to Mr. Horner than a human life. Nice priorities. Why instill a thinly veiled threat into what could have been a constructive and worthwhile criticism? Or do you just have something against spandex?


Domestic issues

We need the police to come to our house to mediate a dispute, my wife thinks we should paint the bedroom again...


Compliance works

Regarding "The Record" on Wednesday, June 20: Two arrests for a DUI, assault, criminal mischief, and one ticket with a trip to the hospital for 3 minors in possession (in one day).... but stop the compliance checks, they may be unethical!



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