The Record for June 13


— Wednesday, June 13

1:06 a.m. A man in his 20s reportedly was knocking on a door and yelling "Hello" in the 200 block of Eighth Street. The man was gone when officers arrived.

7:41 a.m. A man reportedly stole a can of chewing tobacco from a grocery store in the 1400 block of Lincoln Avenue.

9:27 a.m. A woman reported receiving threatening text messages on her cell phone.

10:54 a.m. A man reportedly smelled and saw gas leaking from a gas line at a construction site in the 700 block of Lincoln Avenue.

11:09 a.m. A motorcycle reportedly was abandoned at a bank in the 2200 block of Curve Court.

11:35 a.m. A woman in the 1000 block of Central Park Drive reported being yelled at by an older woman about how loud her truck was. The woman was concerned the older woman was going to do something to her truck. A report was taken.

12:41 p.m. A man in the 1300 block of Sparta Plaza reported being hit in the face by another man.

3:58 p.m. Three skateboarders were reported in the 1800 block of Central Park Drive.

5:22 p.m. Police verified a newly registered sex offender's address.

5:27 p.m. A man lost his wallet in the 3100 block of S. Lincoln Avenue.

5:46 p.m. A group of people reportedly had a keg of beer on a soccer field in the 1300 block of Bob Adams Drive.

6:02 p.m. A man found a backpack with a wallet it in it the woods. The backpack was turned in to the police department.

6:59 p.m. A family dispute was reported.

8:47 p.m. Someone reportedly heard fireworks near Whistler Road and Balsam Court.

8:59 p.m. A light blue Jeep reportedly ran a stop sign on Amethyst Road.

9:53 p.m. A man reported a large party and a keg of beer on the sidewalk in the 700 block of Tamarack Drive.

10:02 p.m. A woman reported hearing fireworks on Meadow Lane.

10:44 p.m. A gas skip worth $29.51 was reported in the first block of Anglers Drive.


whyquestion 9 years, 9 months ago

kadus to sspd for verify sex offenders residence, wish OCPD offored the same protection to its citizens??????you can't even get the name of the person that registered or his picture on the OC web site????????? so i guess everyone in OC is suspect??????????


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