Oak Creek discusses mill levy

Police department biggest strain on struggling general fund


— The Oak Creek Town Board agreed Thursday it must balance its general fund, but board members differed on the best way to do so.

As part of an ongoing discussion about how to manage growth in Oak Creek, the board scheduled a special work session to discuss which capital improvements the town should tackle and how best to balance its general fund.

Mayor J. Elliott again suggested the board consider asking voters in November to approve a mill levy that would provide money for the general fund.

Elliott first suggested the mill levy in February after the town's auditor told Oak Creek officials they could not transfer money from enterprise funds - which include trash, water, electric and sewer revenues - to the general fund. Such transfers are how the town historically has supported itself.

"We have to do something to sustain the general fund and keep the present level services we provide our residents up," Elliott said.

Board member Chuck Wisecup said he does not think a mill levy would ever support the general fund and that the town shouldn't rule out making transfers from enterprise funds to the general fund.

"I just don't see how it's going to happen," he said. "This is the way it's always been."

Wisecup suggested the town start thinking long-term regarding its police department and capital improvement plans while dealing with short-term issues, such as the budget.

"What do we want to be when we grow up?" he said. "How many policemen are we going to need? How many guys in Public Works? This town isn't going to stay static. We have to grow, too."

Police Chief Linda Koile has resigned from the department, leaving the town without any law enforcement officers. Koile's last day is June 14.

The board agreed improvements to the town's water and waste water treatment plants will be priorities this year. Other priorities include replacing eroded piping and fixing parts of the town's electrical system.

The board, which met for about an hour, agreed that further discussions with the town's Denver-based auditor, Tim Mayberry, would be necessary before moving forward.

Mayberry is scheduled to make a presentation regarding the town's audit at the board's June 14 meeting.

"Tim can give us some information, but it's up to us to decide what we want and come up with our own answers," Wisecup said. "We're going to have to be the ones giving him information."

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Slapper 9 years, 6 months ago

muskoni- your inability to comprehend reality of life in a small town is common to those who choose to invade others quality of life and then cry foul when called on it. it's not "my business" but every residents business when situations occur from those who degrade others who do not enter the public arena because they choose to follow the rules that are in place in an attempt to provide all of us protection from those who consciously choose to disregard these rules. those who do so willfully will in the future hopefully pay the piper to live the low-life that compromise all the others who choose to do the opposite.


whyquestion 9 years, 6 months ago

ah deficit cargo what a mess you and your board got the town into????????


Slapper 9 years, 6 months ago

hey muskoni-care to share how much time the police&board has spent on issues concerning you?


bluntman 9 years, 6 months ago

yah, they're gonna go crazy all right. i would imagine that some buffoon will try to sneak a mobile home onto their lot in the middle of the night, or even go so far as to discharge firearms because a neighbor's dog wandered into their yard. maybe you have a crystal ball and can predict the future, madkowpunkin, or maybe past behavior is a better indication as to what the Community should expect in the days to come.

the chief who has tendered her resignation has only enabled the low life by providing taxi service to drunks and ignoring other blatant violations of law & order. she is (was) one of the remaining legacies of the former mayor who quit... good riddance i say because all of the things you claim (in the above post) she dealt with were in fact tolerated and therefore encouraged. she acted on her own and would not be accountable to the Town Board, like them or not, as she was required to do by municipal code. she did not understand what chain of command is, save for answering to the despot who, at her personal discretion, would intervene on behalf of her low life friends, nearly bankrupted the town and then resigned in disgrace (or disgracefully resigned, i'm not quite sure which). where you or anyone else can find the kumbayah with those two is beyond me. i'm just not feelin' the love.

it is my personal observation that the current Town Board (with a couple of notable exceptions) is not messing about. i wouldn't be too hasty to make a wager on card night at the Colorado that they don't plan on following through with the course of action that they have undertaken, dogcatcher in the house or not.

livin' the low life in OC and getting away with it is going to disappear faster than Linda's tail lights into the sunset.

p.s. before anyone goes on about "how much she loves this town" (accompanied by copious amounts of drama and crocodile tears, not at all unlike the former mayor who quit, btw), answer me this: if she cares sooo much, why then would she tender her resignation so that she will conveniently not be in attendance at the next OC Town Board meeting, nor stick around for Cleanup Day, either?


candylane 9 years, 6 months ago

Best of Luck to Linda! Hopefully you will be more appreciated on your next leg of your journey. Thank you for the time and efforts on the events, rather at the school or town, that you have been involved. I applaud you and the tenacity that you have that has taken you through your career changes, even following through from being the code enforcement officer to chief of police. You have done something that men in our police department did, but without the recognition! As the late Govenor of Texas, Ann Richards said, "Ginger Rodgers did everything that Fred Astaire did. The only difference is that she did it backwards and high heels!" It was a great dance and best of luck in the future.


JQPUBLIC 9 years, 5 months ago

muskno... "I liked this small town,& still do" ...if this is true then you better care about "the political ramblings of who is dragging down the town or making the town go broke"! Who do you think annexes these subdivisions so all the houses can be built? Who do you think decides where to spend all the money that affects your "24 hr police protection"? OC is too close to stmbt to stay small and reasonably priced for long, right now it's stmbts affordable housing for service workers. As long as there is money to be made, someone will exploit the town to make it. If you want slower, smarter growth in oc with a working police force you better damn well care about "the political ramblings"!


whyquestion 9 years, 5 months ago

interesting to see the mayor jae promoting the large increse in property taxes to pay for the financial problems deficit cargo and her board created. when will this new board look into malfeiance in office and let the insurance companies pursue repayment of $$$$$$$$$$$. WHY SHOULD THE LAND OWNERS PAY FOR THE FINANCIAL PROBLEMS YOU HELPED CREATE >JAE>!!!!!!!!!!!!


bluntman 9 years, 5 months ago

yup, that's right why??????????. j. sat there and went right along with the former mayor who quit, not saying a word, did he? now he wants to raise the mill levy... for what? maybe to hire on additional police to help control the lowlife thugs & drunks who frequent his place of business, now that the taxi-driver -no- dog-catcher, umm, chief has bailed? maybe we folks here in the OC should heap accolades for his brilliant ability to externalize costs onto the tax paying public (instead of hiring a bouncer to deal with HIS problem customers)? wouldn't you agree that j. is a brilliant, model capitalist? you keep going on about insurance companies pursuing repayment of $$$$$$$, what the heck are you talking about?

p.s. did you spill some Pepsi on your keyboard again??????????


JQPUBLIC 9 years, 5 months ago

Mayor J. Elliott again suggested the board consider asking voters in November to approve a mill levy.... What a joke.

You should have considered the consequences when:

  1. Someone with an extensive drug/alcohol police record was elected mayor and THE BOARD allowed her to dismantle the police dept.
  2. THE BOARD decided paying an inexperienced, unskilled mayor to manage the town was more advantageous than an experienced educated town manager.
  3. Everyone, including THE BOARD ignored the facts given them by other mayoral candidates warning of financial problems that the mayor was covering up, she was put back in office and THE BOARD gave her a raise.
  4. THE BOARD allowed a mayor (that told a reporter she made her living playing the lottery) to have complete control over the town's finances and operation, without question.
  5. NO ONE on THE BOARD bothered to find out the true financial position of the town, you all took the mayor's word for it and let her keep spending.

I could go on, but you get the picture: I think it would be stupid to give the town more tax money until after the next town election. Hopefully, the citizens have come to their senses and will replace the last of the ex-mayors "yes" men with people that can think for themselves; elect trustees that will restore OC's reputation as a family place that will not tolerate drugs, dui's, etc., and can show a little fiscal responsibility.

Congratulations to the trustees that came on board, took your position seriously, and held the EX-MAYOR accountable; I hate to think where OC would be if you hadn't!!


Scrapiron 9 years, 5 months ago

bluntman, you must be seeing things only as you WISH to not as they are! Linda Koile is a kind, caring terrific individual, who when she had to be also a pretty serious law enforcement officer. When the town board left her high and dry after Chris Tritz's departure, that woman was on the job 24/7. Even if she wasn't physically on the streets, (and yes, she DID haul the drunks home thereby avoiding possible wrecks and worse..so what's wrong with THAT. Our jails aren't full enough, huh?) she was taking care of matters behind the scenes. Some of you less aware and sensitive folks only want to link her with the past Mayor and that just isn't fair. She got results from most of her tasks (ask any merchant who had bad checks floating around in which she recovered all or most of the funds) She hqad a congenial relationship with most of the locals, and even the 'bad guys' respected her. One needen't be a super hard ass or tyrant to make it work. Barney Fife she wasn't and that comparison just reflects the author's pure ignorance of just how things are/were. She wrote MORE TICKETS than any one in the past and got MORE CONVICTIONS than her predecessors. Linda truly loved this town and expressed great sadness at her decision to finally pack it up and pursue life's other challenges. In the numerous conversations I've had with her in the past 6-7 years, she reflected just that. She is frugal and not spendy; always considered the town's tenuous financial situation before committing any monies to an endeavour. She handled matters in a way that the person almost felt bad if they DIDN'T comply. You won't see that in the big city or from some cop gone truck driver that so many of you want to see return! She got results and rarely p.....d anyone off! Not bad, I'd say. You folks lost a great person when she pulled the pin the other day. As far as the 'genius' who said she did 'crocodile' tears, well, once again, your ignorance and insensitivity is showin. The lady is sincere. I am only more than grateful for the short time I spent with her. She enhanced my life one hundred fold. You folks won't know what you had until after she's long gone!


whyquestion 9 years, 5 months ago

the previous town board was told in 2004 not to transfer enterprise funds and before that < see auditor notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bluntman 9 years, 5 months ago


"(and yes, she DID haul the drunks home thereby avoiding possible wrecks and worse..so what's wrong with THAT. Our jails aren't full enough, huh?) she was taking care of matters behind the scenes."

why ask me? you answered your own question and your answer defines precisely what one of the problems was (in relation to a larger problem that was... hopefully is, a thing of the past in OC). it seems that either you are an advocate of drunk driving, or, more likely, someone who benefitted from the now defunct taxi service for the two bars.

i see some things, certainly not all, and i wish they were different, but that ain't gonna make it so. Linda was a cop with good intentions that often got in the way of doing the job. "kind and caring" without a doubt, but it sometimes went too far. in my opinion, it is not the sole discretion of ANY police officer to determine how violations of the law are handled (see also any number of sp&t forum comments re: former mayor who quit and how she handled OC and "got 'r done". right.) that would certainly go a long way in explaining as to how Linda " wrote MORE TICKETS than any one in the past and got MORE CONVICTIONS than her predecessors", but i'm going to hold off a bit before i agree with you on THAT one. rude, sarcastic and cynical i may be, but i do not find fault in Linda for caring, and that is something which you and i can most likely agree upon. maybe we should just leave it at that.

p.s. thanks to the RCSO for stepping up today with the radar sign and high profile presence on the streets of OC. i like what i'm seein'.

red & blue lights, read 'em their rights. yeah.

: - )


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