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Setting it straight

Let's get it straight - the current elected (School) board did not ask John DeVincentis to resign and do not want a recall. It's former board members who don't like the new direction of this board who had the e-mails for two years. They're the ones who, instead of talking to current board members and discussing the issues, took the e-mails to the Pilot & Today to try to force DeVincentis off the board. In his letter, Pat Gleason threatened Denise Connelly, board president, with a recall too if she didn't ask DeVincentis to resign. These former board members are the same ones who are behind the recall and who are refusing to cooperate with the e-mail investigation.


Nixon and Gleason?

Actually, Pat Gleason was still a board member when he released the e-mails to the paper. I recently heard some discussion on NPR about former President Richard Nixon the other night. They were talking about how when he didn't like a political opponent he didn't approach them for discussion, he just retrieved access to their private files or had them audited by the IRS. They talked about the very fine line that he walked using his position to get access to information to destroy the credibility of others.


Consulting millions

What a shame that City Council can plow through millions and yet we can't afford to offer our police officers a pay raise: A raise that would ensure that we don't lose officers because they can't afford to live in the very city they are sworn to protect.


Wasted money

Adding the three categories means the city has spent more than $4.2 million on all kinds of consultants since January 2006. If the current city employees and City Council, hired and elected to do the people's work, do not have the capacity to fulfill this obligation, then it is high time to seek more qualified individuals.


Conspiracy theory

He who shouts loudest and longest persuades everyone that he is correct. Without a doubt, I am now convinced that global warming is nothing more than a vast liberal conspiracy to deprive fat, lazy and stupid Americans of their SUVs and force them to ride bicycles and public transportation.


Answering Savage

Good grief. The energy business agenda speaks. ... And smoking is not bad for you (the studys lie) and teenage pregnancy is best addressed through ignorance.



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