Making a bike-friendly 'Boat

City officials seeking comment on proposed routes, lanes


Intended bike routes

City officials intend to designate the following streets as bike routes in an effort to make Steamboat Springs more bicycle friendly. Three of the routes will have designated bike lanes with white stripes. Officials are seeking public comments about the designated routes and lanes.

- Yampa Avenue from Fourth to 12th streets

- Oak Street from Third to 12th streets

- Seventh Street from Yampa Avenue to Missouri Avenue, with a bike lane striped from Oak Street to Missouri Avenue

- Missouri Avenue from Seventh Street to North Park Road

- North Park Road from Missouri Avenue to city limits

- 12th Street from Lincoln Avenue to Merritt Street

- Merritt Street from 12th to Yahmonite streets

- Yahmonite Street from Merritt Street to Ninth Street

- Aspen Street from Ninth to Seventh streets

- Third Street from Lincoln Avenue to Pine Street

- Pine Street from Third to Second streets

- Second Street from Pine to E. Maple streets

- E. Maple Street from Second Street to Amethyst Drive

- Amethyst Drive from Fish Creek Falls Road to city limits

- Fish Creek Falls Road from Third Street to city limits, with a bike lane striped from Third Street to Tamarack Drive

- Tamarack Drive from Fish Creek Falls Road to Hilltop Parkway

- Hilltop Parkway from Tamarack Drive to U.S. Highway 40, with a bike lane striped along the entire segment

— Local bicyclists who've wanted designated bike routes and lanes soon may have those wishes granted.

But before city officials begin putting up signs designating city streets as bike routes and painting white stripes to identify bike lanes, they want feedback on the proposals.

George Krawzoff, the city's transportation director, encourages residents to contact him about the 17 areas that would be affected by the designations.

"We wanted to make sure the people who live along these routes had the opportunity to comment before anything happens," he said.

Bike routes and lanes are being proposed for at least a dozen city streets including Yampa Avenue, Oak Street, Fish Creek Falls Road and Hilltop Parkway.

"The goal was to satisfy several criteria, including steering bicycle traffic to lower-volume streets while understanding they need a direct route, too," Krawzoff said.

Creating safer bicycle routes around the city's schools also was a major consideration, he said.

Krawzoff said the next step is to purchase the necessary signage and paint the bike lanes.

The effort is part of the larger push to make Steamboat Springs more bicycle friendly - a project that began in April 2005. City officials are working to implement the Bicycle Friendly Community Initiative, which recognizes communities that provide safe and plentiful bicycle access, and convenient bike parking.

The Steamboat Springs City Council is expected to review the city's BFC application at its July 24 meeting.

"This has been a long time coming," Krawzoff said. "It's something people have been calling for."

The project is the result of efforts from the city's transportation and public works departments, Routt County Riders bicycle club and a consultant, Krawzoff said.

For more information or to comment about the proposals, call 879-3717.


dave mcirvin 9 years, 8 months ago

a more bicycle friendly and safe trek to Clark up 129 would be ideal.


stompk 9 years, 8 months ago

This is long overdue. But I think were skirting the problem here. The problem is roads like River Road, and 129, where people have to drive to get back and forth to work, etc. 129 is the worst.

We just had an accident there, where a young lady got injured. No matter how careful a driver is, if a bicyclist falls in front of a car, it's over for them, and the driver pays too.

How bout we take the $34 mil proposed for the rec center, and put it into this project. Lives are at stake here, the rec center is just for pleasure.



Tom Whiddon 9 years, 8 months ago

Previous comments are getting city and county mixed up. Unfortunately the county has said they are not in the business of building trails. What is needed are bike paths separate from the highways. The core trail in town is the best investment the city ever made. Lets get those council people back in office! Long range open space plans call for a bike path to the west of Steamboat Springs. I believe that path to the west should be the first priority given that growth is moving in that direction.


corduroy 9 years, 8 months ago

There was an awesome article in the local about the COUNTY ROADS and biking. Actually its not in the city's hands, its the county.



twostroketerror 9 years, 8 months ago

Re: 129 Something good needs to happen before something really bad happens. Bad drivers of ever-larger trucks, rv's and such, mixed with more and more bikers, some tired and weaving, others excercising their 'up to the line' rights is simply a mortal tragedy that has yet to play out. Huzza to the city for actually doing something that doesn't benefit them financially. How do we deal with the County?


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