Shellie M. Roth: Signs confusing


I have just spent a glorious week vacationing in Steamboat Springs. Your town, its people, activities and amenities are terrific.

Your traffic signs are not.

On arrival, I read of one tragic vehicle vs. bicycle accident in the paper, and later in the week I witnessed the aftermath of another similar crash.

What I noticed most dramatically is that there is a clear reason for these unfortunate events. The first day, I could have caused another accident as I mistook your bike lane for a right-turn lane. My hostess - a Steamboat resident - quickly corrected me. Were it not for her, who knows what might have happened?

I certainly did not want to do any harm. So, I watched signs carefully for the rest of the week - but there were few to familiarize an unfamiliar driver. In fact, for the most part, there were no signs to indicate bike lanes, upcoming left turn lanes, etc.

Surely Steamboat Springs knows that it is a "tourist town" with drivers coming from all over. But on this visit, I experienced Steamboat Springs as a driving nightmare: confused drivers surrounded by impatient local drivers.

Not one of us wishes to cause a tragedy. But you have some responsibility, too. I urge your town council to consider more frequent and visible traffic signs to protect both residents and visitors.

Shellie M. Roth

Livingston, N.J.


corduroy 9 years, 9 months ago

First of all, Steamboat doesn't have bike lanes. The shoulders happen to be extra large in really strange areas of town.. for some reason.

I've seen many drivers confused and driving in them instead of merging or turning off, which I believe is their purpose.

There are definitely a few places where a sign is placed AT the intersection and not before, making it hard to know where you are going.

But my point was, we don't have bike lanes.. maybe we should


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