Richard Gaines: Rules restrictive


— I am a resident of Florida and have been a vacation homeowner in Steamboat Springs since 1989.

Over the years, I have visited Steamboat routinely and honestly consider Steamboat my home.

I have used management companies to maintain my home and to offer it to vacationers during the periods I am not there. I feel that I am both doing a service (providing a beautiful place for visitors) and also offsetting the increasing costs to me.

The current city regulations concern me, in that it looks like these rules might make it unreasonably restrictive for me to continue my current situation.

Richard Gaines

Hollywood, Fla.


cliffordcousa 9 years, 9 months ago

Hello Richard, You should be very concerned. Please read the letter from Cliff and Robin Loeb, down a few days in letters to editor to hear our views and to see the email comment thread. Sincerely, Cliff


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