Tattoo of the week: Cyndy Kinnecom



Cyndy Kinnecom's tattoo


Cyndy Kinnecom

The tattoo is a representation of the inner sacred union between the masculine and the feminine, creating heaven on earth.

I got it because I always wanted a tattoo that represented my life journey, and I waited for the right symbol to "show up."

I got it last summer at Truth Tattoo, and Brad Cramer is the artist.


JustAsking 8 years, 4 months ago

Why is this paper promoting and showcasing a practice with so many proven health risks? Does Scott have and interest in a tattoo parlor or just trying to sell a few more papers by glamorizing this practice.

How about an article on the risks? No less a source than the Mayo Clinic would be a start.

I suggest the title "Do I really want Hepatitis C?"


Shift_in_Perception 8 years, 4 months ago

That's one way to look out it; and it's valid. But there's another way to look at it: Steamboat Springs is a unique community. Many people here are "about" community/tribe. Tattoos have been part of tribal community experience for thousands of years. And, rather than assuming that it's about promoting a tattoo shop -- why not consider that it's about promoting self-expression through art as experienced through the canvas and the artist?

As far as health risks -- yes, those are valid. But like anything else from eating fruit or drinking water from a foreign source, you use a little common sense and take the necessary precautions. Because you can contract hepatitis that way, too.

In addition, statistics show that the highest rate of death is caused by accidents in the home -- i.e.: slipping in the bathtub. So does that mean that we should all now not bathe? Why not wrap ourselves up in an insulated little bubble, hold our breath and wait until life is all over? Everything in life comes with a risk -- including love. But I would not insulate myself from it to "be safe." I am as good as dead, already, if I did that.

So -- that's another perspective to ponder. It's neither right or wrong. Both points are valid. And thank goodness we all have the right to choose for ourselves.


dogd 8 years, 3 months ago

Low class. Permanent and dull-witted choice. End the feature. Tattoos are an idiotic whim.


Matthew Stoddard 8 years, 3 months ago

Always thought about a tattoo, but could never think of what I'd want. Figured it would have to do with comic books, but as an actor, I don't want any permanent tattoos that could interfere with a part.


Camo181 8 years, 3 months ago

I think tattoos are a private, personal choice and should not be a main feature in the Pilot. They can be risky with long-term effects, like smoking cigarettes. Again, a personal choice.


Matthew Stoddard 8 years, 3 months ago

Well, Boo, as Limp Bizkit sang, "It's all about the nookie."


cheesehead 8 years, 3 months ago


I think he said tatoos have been part of the tribal community, not tribes have been part of the tatoo community. But thanks for the Hitler analogy, those never get old.


Shift_in_Perception 8 years, 3 months ago

I am fully aware of the difference between Hepatitis A, B and C. A person can contract any one of those through the choices they make. Life is about choices.

My point is, that seemingly mundane activities that everyone participates in every day -- such as driving a motor vehicle -- involves a great deal of risk. The statistics on injury/death from motor vehicle driving alone, despite the fact that consensus makes an agreement that it's "okay" because they don't want to give up their addiction to oil consumption, rather than looking at those statistics, is in fact creating no less of a risk than some choices that others might be too afraid to make.

Life is full of risks. That's really all I had to say, and offered another perspective to an otherwise one-sided conversation. And there are always other perspectives worth contemplating that may be equally as valid.

But in this ego-driven childish world of "I'm right, your wrong" of exclusion, rather than inclusion -- I guess I can expect nothing less.


transformative 8 years, 3 months ago

As the "owner" of this tattoo, I only have this to say -- my choice was indeed a personal choice, I was asked if I would be willing to be tattoo of the week, I said yes. End of story. That's all the explanation I feel inclined to offer.

You don't want to read about tattoos? Skip that section. I don't like reading certain sections of the paper either, but I'm a big girl and can choose to not read it, because I thankfully live in a country where freedom of speech is a right everyone is entitled to. Slander however, is illegal.


JustAsking 8 years, 3 months ago

As a replacement or additional article for "Tattoo or the Week" maybe a profile on "Smoker or the Week." This would be almost equally ridiculous.

Perhaps you can find another "Cyndi" who smokes unfiltered Camels in order to feel a "representation of the inner sacred union between the masculine and the feminine, creating heaven on earth. "


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