David R. Freseman: Energy assistance


During this time of year, many in our community struggle to keep up with their home energy bills. While some of us don't think twice about living in a warm, comfortable home, others must seriously weigh such choices as keeping the heat on or doing without food or medical care.

Fortunately, energy assistance is available. Residents who meet federal income guidelines can receive assistance through the Colorado LEAP program (Low-income Energy Assistance Program), which is administered locally through the Routt County Department of Human Services.

Another wonderful resource is Energy Outreach Colorado, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for energy assistance organizations to receive energy assistance through individual and corporate donors. LIFT-UP is just one of nearly 100 assistance organizations to receive energy assistance grants from Energy Outreach this year. We're grateful for this funding because it helps provide warmth and security to many senior citizens, families with children, and others in need. Everyone should have the ability to stay warm this winter!

I encourage anyone needing energy assistance to apply by calling the Routt County Department of Human Services for LEAP, LIFT-UP or Routt County for Energy Outreach Colorado assistance at 870-8804, or call toll free 1-866-HEAT-HELP.

David R. Freseman

Executive Director

LIFT-UP of Routt County


Don Carter 10 years, 3 months ago

I remember walkin along the railroad tracks back behind the Riverbend Inn and picking up chunks of coal that had fallen off of the trains. It wasn't romantic but it kept the cabin warm. You do what you gotta do to stay warm...even move to Miami in some instances....but, too many idiots have already done that....go for the coal......HD


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