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Hace frÃo

I've been stuck in elevators alone more than once - and for more than 20 minutes at a time. I can't imagine anything scarier than that : and then I heard about the people who were stuck on the Storm Peak Express chairlift for three hours.

I felt so bad for all the stranded riders who had to shiver it out Friday morning.

I went snowboarding Saturday, and it was ridiculously cold. Nothing could prevent the sting of the wind on your face or how cold your hands got every time you took them out of your gloves. Even skiing in the trees provided no relief from the frigid temperatures.

It's days like those that you make up an excuse about having to go to Wal-Mart or run some other errand and head home.

Precious memories

Most people say that if there was only one non-living thing they could save from their burning house, it would be their photo albums. Pictures are by far the most precious possession we can accumulate.

I know when I'm sitting in an old wicker chair in the sunroom at the nursing home, I'm going to be flipping through my scrapbooks.

I finally tried to catch up on my four-year scrapbooking hiatus Thursday night at the Steamboat Arts & Craft Gym's "Group Crop" class. Man, I forgot how much time scrapbooking takes - and that's with using actual 35mm photographs.

To delve into my digital collection of pictures, I might as well wait 'til I'm in the nursing home just to begin to organize them, burn CDs and get them printed. But Darcy Trask's menagerie of scrapbooking classes will help you feel like the impossible task is at least manageable.

The most important thing, she stresses, is to take as many pictures as possible, because moments can never be duplicated. Memories can be lost, names and places can be forgotten, but an archived original photograph mounted on acid-free paper can last about 40 years.

So maybe I should look into getting my scrapbooks professionally made (pay someone to do it) and cytogenetically frozen. They've got lockers at the Arts & Crafts Gym, but we'll have to talk them into offering some freezer space.


Bobbie_Dooley 10 years, 3 months ago

Burning CDs is so 1997. Why don't you just put all of that crap on an external hard drive? Given that the chances of you burning your own house down is pretty high, you might want to consider backing up your data. OK. Nevermind.


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