Bill and Cathie Voorhees: Looking bleak


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We are writing this in response to the two articles you printed about newly-elected Sheriff Wall. First, the grandstanding ceremony was rather amazing. Who pays for this kind of ceremony? County budget and, ultimately, the taxpayers? We would like to know. And the newspaper had it right on the front page.

Second, the firing of Rachelle Redmond and Dan Kelliher was very nasty.

Third, the hiring of another 60-plus-year-old who has been out of law enforcement for more than 30 years and doesn't even live here as undersheriff. Now we have a law enforcement agency being run by two 60-plus-year-olds who have been out of the loop for more than 30 years each, who also have made sure there is no one on the force with long-time experience who knows the county well. This is alarming.

Fourth, Sheriff Wall said he is not concerned about vacancies in the department and not concerned about POST certification. What is he concerned about? He never mentioned anything about concern for the people in the county who have no other law enforcement protection but the Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Wall didn't even mention working with the other deputies in the department. Instead he used a total of 20 "I's" in the quotes that the newspaper printed in both articles. This is not how a good manager develops a working team.

Do we feel safer now that Sheriff Wall has been sworn in? Absolutely not.

There are grave concerns. We pray the department will be able to meet the needs of the county citizens, but right now it looks very bleak.


JustAsking 10 years, 3 months ago

Was Walls elected only because he ran as a democrat?


Tom Whiddon 10 years, 3 months ago

Being a democrat certainly helped but I think he was elected because he made so many promises that may be impossible to keep. Ones that come to mind are protecting the children (juvenile delinquents) from the police, installing winches on patrol cars to pull cars out of the ditch and discountinuing Routt County's participation in DUI Checkpoints. I'll bet deputies are afraid to make traffic stops and uphold the law for fear of repercussions by King Gary!


Hmmm 10 years, 3 months ago

The Voorhees make many good points, without bad mouthing the new Sheriff. They have asked tough questions regarding Wall and his administration. It's too bad that the Pilot or the County Commissioners haven't asked those tough questions directly to Wall. When are they going to?

Wall's decision making process is alarming. He fired 2 deputies, without getting employee input about change, like he publicly stated he would. He's decided that he will get his certification, "when it's appropriate." The appropriate time is now! What's next, he'll institute a policy that his deputies will only respond to the calls he feels are appropriate (i.e. pulling a car out of the ditch).


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