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Wall Street Journal writer to speak in Steamboat


— A seasoned journalist, economist and groundbreaking, controversial fundraiser for the Republican Party will speak in Steamboat Springs on Monday.

Stephen Moore is an editorial board member and senior economics writer for The Wall Street Journal. He also is a contributing editor for National Review and serves on the economic board of advisers for Time magazine. Moore is scheduled to give a free talk titled "Keys to Prosperity" at 7:30 a.m. Monday at Rex's American Grill & Bar next to the Holiday Inn on south Lincoln Avenue. The talk is part of the new Steamboat Speaker Series organized by Jennifer Schubert-Akin, a Steamboat resident who graduated in June from the Leadership Program of the Rockies, an annual program that fosters management and public policy skills.

Schubert-Akin is chairwoman of the Routt County Republican Central Committee. She said Thursday that the speaker series and the Leadership Program is strictly nonpartisan.

The program's Web site lists instructional ideals including "free enterprise, strong national defense and limited government," all traditionally strong planks in the conservative platform.

Moore, who will visit Steamboat after speaking to program attendees Friday in Denver, has criticized President Bush for spending too liberally.

In 1999, Moore was a primary founder of Club for Growth, a national fundraising and advocacy group that raised millions to help elect Republicans to Congress in several elections. Moore left the group in 2004 after members accused him of "caustic comments to the news media about President Bush and others," according to a 2005 New York Times report.

"One thing that Bush tends to do in these State of the Union speeches, which tends to be counterproductive, is that he has adopted the Clinton style of presenting this shopping list of these programs that will solve every problem that afflicts America. That only reinforces the concern that he is a big-government Republican," Moore told The Washington Times in January 2004.

After Moore left Club for Growth, he helped found the Free Enterprise Fund, a conservative think-tank and advocacy group.

Moore also is the author of numerous books about various aspects of American economics. He has appeared on TV shows including CNN's Inside Politics, Crossfire and Moneyline, NBC's Nightly News, Fox Morning News and The McLaughlin Group.

"This will by no means be a dry, boring economic presentation," Schubert-Akin said. "He is very entertaining and personable guy - I think people will really enjoy hearing him speak."

Schubert-Akin said she hopes to bring more speakers from the Leadership Program to Steamboat in the coming months.

"We're going to do as many as we can," she said.


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