Iran values instability in Iraq


The media has focused much of its attention lately on the claim President Bush made that the Iranians are selling Iraqi Insurgents, mainly Shiite fighters, highly advanced weaponry that is capable of doing much harm to U.S. soldiers.

I believe the president's claim is accurate and underscores a very important point that many people neglect to consider when looking at the situation in the Middle East. It is in Iran's interests to infuse an environment of instability within Iraq, lest the U.S. gain a foothold there and establish a government friendly to democracy and the Western world.

The killings of U.S. troops with Iranian-made weapons only serves the Islamic Republic's worst intentions. Iran has always believed itself to be in a state of supposed "war" with the United States of America, and has been hostile to us in almost every way.

Since the overthrow of the country's old ruler, the Shaw, which the United States supported, Iran has hated the United States, and its official policy was to do everything in its power to destroy it. The radical nature of the current Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, poses such a great threat to the United States and the region that something must be done.

You do not have to be a military intelligence officer to realize that Iran will take any opportunity it gets to harm our soldiers in Iraq. The instability of Iraq and the region is central to Iran's doctrine and coincides directly with its desire to attain nuclear weapons.

If Iran's intentions are not kept in check, they will eventually cause more problems in the Middle East, and emerge as the preeminent threat to security, stability and peace. Iran must be controlled in order to protect our troops and the entire region. The seizure of the United States embassy serves as a vivid reminder about what this country, with its radical Islamic

government has, done to America.

If Iran is allowed to pursue its rampant agenda of destruction, the end result can only be a highly hostile Islamic state with nuclear capabilities, that has its mind set on the destruction the United States and Israel.

Talon Oleszczk

Steamboat Springs


RouCou 10 years, 2 months ago

So what are we going to use? Squirt guns? Like it or not Saddam was a stabilizing force in that region. (The US supported him and gave him weapons) Now, that the rats away.......


Slapper 10 years, 2 months ago

this country overthrew Mogedesh and installed puppet Shah. we created what we have now in the region like we have in so many other places around the world. the world knows this but not the monkeys here largely because we have whore media as our source of news. we are screwed


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