Daily decisions and the teenage brain


As teenagers, we make decisions every day - what to eat, who to hang out with and even what kind of shoes to wear.

The paths we choose today will affect us in the future. Of course, this has been engrained in our heads for years by parents and other adults. I am not here to either lecture you or tell you how to live your life, but I merely want to give you a little advice.

Why exactly do we make the choices we do?

According to Brainconnection.com, throughout teenage years, the frontal lobe of the brain is not fully developed. Since the frontal lobe has the ability to control behavior, emotions and impulses, teenagers can be hasty and rush into a decision without really thinking it over and contemplating the consequences.

Teenagers will not necessarily always make bad decisions; however, we do need guidance when learning how to control our decision-making, and that help will lead us to making better choices in the future. The teenage brain is progressively moving toward adulthood, and the choices one makes may not always be rational, but experiences help us learn for the future.

I was recently doing some research on this topic, and I found some interesting results. Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among teenagers, and it kills 6.5 times more youth than all other drugs combined. This is extremely high, considering that it is illegal for people under 21 years old to be in possession of alcohol.

For teenagers, our time is now. What we decide today can make or break our future and the remainder of our lives. Our choices now will affect who we will be in years to come.

Now, I'm not saying you should chain yourself to your bedroom wall and never have the opportunity to make a decision for yourself, but always choose carefully.

You should get out and have fun while you still have a decent chance. High school really does zoom by. It's hard for me to believe we're already a quarter of the way through the second semester.

Enjoy each moment of high school as best as you can, but make choices that will help you follow your personal dreams.


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