Paul Brabenec: Biker friendly


It's great the Routt County Riders and city of Steamboat Springs are working toward the Bicycle Friendly Community designation. Each bike on the road means one less car or truck in traffic, one more open parking space.

Three points:

1. Commuting cyclists need routes of transportation just as practical as the streets are for motor vehicles. Loops winding through parks are nice for recreational riders but don't help get us to work or the grocery. Wider paved shoulders allow motor vehicles and bikes to share the road.

2. Perhaps more people leave their cars home by walking than bicycling. Sidewalk maintenance, painted crosswalks, and planning for future pedestrian traffic can make walking a safer and more attractive alternative. Winter walking can be particularly hazardous. So I'm advocating for improvements to both cycling and pedestrian facilities.

3. Speeding motor traffic is hazardous to everyone. Better compliance with the speed limits would help make Steamboat Springs truly more bike-friendly.

Paul Brabenec

Steamboat Springs


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